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• Scone Selection •
On an early visit to Scone airfield, a fair hike from Perth, I witnessed the coming and goings of this Sud Ouest (S.N.C.A.S.O.) SO.1221 Djinn F-BHOI (FR.7). By the time I took a few snaps, I was almost deaf, what a high pitched whine it made!! Note the "Bone Dome" left on the grass! It was quite a rare sighting, and I was glad I had some snaps to prove to the "doubters" that it was even there! Photos: Neil Aird © 23 July 1959
Meanwhile a British registered Hiller 360 UH-12B G-AOFL (746) was doing similar work. Wonder if the "L" plate on the front signifies anything ? ;-)
G-APMP (1041) Hiller UH-12C Airwork Services Training.
A very well known Percival P.40 Prentice 1 G-APIT (PAC/016) was seen all over Scotland. It ended up one day crashing into the hills called the Campsie Fells, not far from my house, with a tragic outcome. I first saw it at Renfrew on 20 June 1959, the last time was on the morning after the accident. I believe it is currently on display at Lasham, in not quite as good shape as it once was.
WZ865 (C1/0895) and WD388 (C1/0328) with stable mates and elderly Airspeed Oxford looking on.

WD388 d/d 16/04/1951, sold, to D-EPAK, Dahlemer-Binz, Germany.

WB581 (C1/0034) and WG431 (C1/0505) ready for students and instructors to take them up.

WB581 d/d 28/03/1950, sold 08/11/1973 at No.5 MU Kemble to G-BBNP, to South Africa as ZS-LJU.

The seven Glasgow University Air Squadron de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmink T.10 that I worked with were serviced and maintained by Airwork Services (Perth) Limited.

WG431 (C1/0505) Green spinner. d/d 22/10/1951, sold, Became G-BCMG to N431WG, Cable Airport, California, USA.

WK553 (C1/0570) Red spinner. d/d 21/02/1953, sold 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU Kemble, to USA as N65255, then N533DB.

WK572 (C1/0592) Yellow spinner. d/d 27/03/1952, sold 27/02/1997, to South Africa as ZU-BHL, then ZS-OWJ .

WP840 (C1/0723) Blue (Metallic) spinner. Sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXDM 28/02/1997, at Halton, then to Conington, to Reims - Prunay.

WZ865 (C1/0895) Black spinner. d/d 04/06/1953, sold N67269, N895WP Auburn, CA.

WP899 (C1/0770) White spinner. d/d 29/10/1952, sold 28/11/1974 at No.5 MU Kemble, to G-BCSB 25/11/1974, w/o 04/03/2000, stored Halton .

WP967 (C1/0829) Blue spinner. Sold 27/02/1997 to France as F-AZJQ.

I was very fortunate in the summer of 1964 to secure a position (talked my way into it!) with Airwork to travel with them when the GUAS was stationed at RAF Chivenor in Devon for their six week summer camp. The dates were 14 June - 24 July. I will forever look on these "Chippies" as having been my very own. I got to take them apart, clean them, marshal them, fuel them . . . and be on an active Hawker Hunter base as a civilian. There are many stories I can tell, many I cannot. Fond memories indeed - what a summer, my first away from home. Hmm . . . that will be another section I think?
A curiosity in the Engineering School of Airwork Services Training was this double ended de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth. Several other airframes were present, most given cute, spurious registrations like G-ABBY, G-ERTY, G-RETA, G-ARBO and G-ILES.
That summer of 1964, when I managed to secure a summer job with AST, I also managed to talk my way into designing a fleet colour scheme for them, as most of their aircraft were a mish-mash of colours. They accepted my rather simple design and many aircraft were painted up in their house colours. Here are a few in the main hangar. As a plane spotter, I made sure they had a very large registration presentation!
G-AITF Airspeed AS.10 Oxford I ex ED290. Now in South African Air Force Museum at Port Elzabeth.
G-APVU Orlican L-40M Meta Sokol (150706) with G-AIKR Airspeed AS.65 Consul (4338) ex PK286, lurking behind.
G-APVU DH-82A Tiger Moth (3894) sunbathing 13 July 1964.
G-ARFI Cessna 150A (150-59100).part of the very large AST fleet.
G-ARAC Cessna 310D (39154). Crashed 24 July 1964. This image taken on 13 July 1964.