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"When I opened the first page of The Fishermen of Progreso, I felt as though I had been handed the most beautiful and seductive box of candy! Each story has been a delight and I am savouring each one. But unlike the empty candy box, I will still have the book when I reach the end. Thank you."


~ Meg D’Esterre, (retired woman extraordinaire) Garden Island, Ontario.



"I just loved your book of short stories. My husband and I especially liked "Tomatoes" and the one about the plane spotter. When I read that story I got such a chuckle out of the ending that I made my husband sit down and read it. Since a lot of the stories took place in Kingston, I could easily identify with the characters."


~ Carol and Dean Glover (pilot), Gananoque, Ontario.



"The story that touched me the most was “The Big Black Hole”. The more I read, the more confused I became, just like the character in the story; it was a very strange sensation. You know how to touch the reader profoundly. Congratulations on a well-written book and its beautiful cover."


~ Laurence Lacroux, (artist) Hudson, Quebec.



"I've read your book twice now.......how pleasurable...."


~ Zelma Zuckerman, Calgary, Alberta.



"I can't tell you enough how much we are enjoying your book. I have been reading a story at a time to my wife and let me tell you, they are wonderful. With my being a fisherman, so far “The Fishermen of Progreso” is my favorite. “The Big Black Hole” and “The Muse” each took a turn at the favorite spot for several nights. And several rereads. You are a fine story teller. I have 5 stories left and like I said I have been reading them out loud to my wife. We are taking them slowly, one a night when we are together and savoring each one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."


~ Mike Stainbrook, (crab fisherman) Petersburg, Alaska.


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