C-GBZS earning her keep, Fox River, Manitoba.
Photo: Clint Sawchuck © 04 October 2011 - via Pat Gillim
C-GBZS at Campbell River after make-over mods.
Photos: John Caswell © 28 May 2011
C-GBZS at Lac Long, Tadoussac.
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © 22 August 1999 - Aird Archives
HZ-XAA ready for delivery at Downsview.
Photo: Unknown photographer © December 1965 - Aird Archives





HZ-XAA Parsons Basil, Lebanon. Delivered Dec-1965.

HZ-ZAI Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Circa 1977.

C-GBZS Aviation Roger Forgues, St. Augustin-de-Desmaure, QC. Regd 05-Jul-1993. Canx 10-Jun-2005.

C-GBZS Portland Creek Hunting & Fishing Ltd., Portland Creek, NL. Regd 15-Jun-2005. Canx 31-Jan-2006.

C-GBZS Portland Creek Aviation Ltd., Portland Creek, NL. Regd 23 and 27-Jun-2006. 05-Sep-2007. Canx 18-Nov-2009

Photo: TSB © June 2007

Accident: Bryant’s Raft Pond, NL, 26-Jun-2007. The float-equipped aircraft was taking off from Bryant’s Raft Pond to fly to Charlottetown, NL and Labrador with four passengers and the pilot onboard. During the take-off run, the aircraft did not get airborne and the pilot aborted the take-off and shut down the engine. The aircraft struck the rocky shoreline at approximately 30 mph, the floats were torn off. The aircraft continued for about 20 ft. into spruce trees and underbrush, coming to rest with the forward fuselage and engine cowling dug into the forest floor. Though the aircraft was substantially damaged, there was no post-crash fire. Wreckage examination revealed that the aircraft was substantially damaged. The propeller was bent, the lower, forward fuselage was damaged, the leading edge of both wings were damaged from tree impact, the right wing was bent forward from its normal position, and the floats and related support struts came to rest under the aircraft. The aircraft was removed from the site several days after the accident. Further inspection revealed that the rear attachment point for the left wing was damaged. The flaps were found in the take-off position, and the flap indicator showed the flaps at the take-off position. The carburetor heat selector was in the full cold position.The five occupants evacuated the aircraft uninjured and walked a short distance to a road where they met police officers, who had been alerted to the accident. The accident occurred at approximately 11:00 NDT.

tt 6,703.4 at time of accident

Sealand repair and modification process

C-GBZS Gillam Air Services (1985) Ltd., Gillam, MB. Regd 18-Nov-2009. Canx 12-Dec-2014.

N985DH Mountain Beaver LLC. Helena, MT. Regd 08-Jan-2015 and 20-Aug-2018.

Airworthiness date: 08-May-2015. Category – Normal.