C-FYMV now at Flin Flon, Manitoba.
Photo: Dale Tiedeman © 08 May 2023 - Aird Archives
C-FYMV makes her long take off run at Thompson, MB.
Photo: Scott Stamp © 13 August 2011 - Aird Archives
C-FYMV plays in the snow !
Photo: © 02 December 2002 - via Nelson Morberg
C-FYMV hauling fuel 200 miles south of Arctic Circle.
Photos: Dennis Fast © 26 April 2004 - via Nelson Morberg
C-FMYV different season !
Photo: © 03 July 2004 - via Nelson Morberg
C-FMYV in colour this time!
Photo: Peter Keating © August 1978 - Aird Archives
C-FYMV at Red Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Peter Keating © August 1978 - Ian MacFarlane Collection
N2118 at Downsview.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 11 January 1967 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-SDD fulfilling DHC Demonstrator duties.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 22 April 1965 - Michael J. Ody Collection
Photo: DHC © Circa 1965 (print 23046) - Aird Archives


CF-SDD • N2118 • CF-YMV



CF-SDD de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Downsview, ON. DHC Demonstrator. Delivered 01-Dec-1964.

Accident: Whitewater Lake, MB, 15-Sep-1967. Hard landing on glassy water conditions. Aircraft came to rest in water, substantially damaged. Pilot uninjured, but five passengers drowned.

N2118 Skubic Brothers Corporation, Virginia, MN. Regd. Jun-1969.

CF-YMV Ontario Central Airlines, Reddit, Kenora ON. Regd 22-Sep-1969. Canx 11-Jun-1984. Regd Jun-1989.

C-FYMV Nunasi Central Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB. Canx 16-Oct-1985.

C-FYMV Ontario Central Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB, Based Red Lake, ON. Regd 29-Dec-1986. Canx 26-May-1989.

C-FYMV Walsten Air Service (1986) Ltd., Kenora, ON. Regd 04-Jul-1989. Canx 20-Mar-1990.

C-FYMV Ontario Central Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB, Based Minaki, ON. Regd 04-May-1990. Canx 22-May-1990.

C-FYMV 825435 Ontario Ltd.  (Manair), Manitouwadge, ON. Regd 17-Jun-1992. Canx 04-Jun-1993.

C-FYMV Dymond Lake Air Services Ltd., Churchill, MB, Regd. 11-Jun-1993.

C-FYMV Jackson Air Services Ltd., Flin Flon, MB. Regd 10-Apr-2006. Canx 10-Jul-2006. Regd 11-Jul-2006. Canx 09-Oct-2006. Regd 05-Mar-2007.

C-FYMV Kississing Lake Lodge Ltd., Steinbach, MB. Based Flin Flon, MB. Regd 04-Jun-2008 and 22-Jan-2010.