N121AK near Igiugig, Alaska.
Photos: Unknown photographer © 20 September 2018 - via correspondent
N121AK at Lake Hood, Anchorage.
Photos: Ben Cogger © 29 May 2014
N121AK still waiting.
Photo: Stephen Toernblom © May 2007 - Aird Archives
N121AK wintering at Anchorage.
Photos: Fred Wallis © 03 November 2005
Photo: Tom Singfield © October 2005 - Aird Archives
N121AK on the Mulchatna River.
Photo: Michael McKendry © May 1991
C-FDJO recovered later by helicopter.
Photo: Via TSB © 28 September 1980
Photo: Unknown photographer © October 1980 - Gerry Conrad Collection
CF-DJO coasts up to the dock.
Photo: de Havilland Canada - Bombardier © DHC Print 8877





Certificate of Airworthiness #3482 issued 17-May-1951.

CF-DJO Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aerien Ltée., Senneterre, QC. Certificate of registration #10173 issued 14-May-1971. Delivered 26-May-1951.

C-FDJO Air Fecteau Ltée., Senneterre, QC. Regd 22-Nov-1960. Regn format changed prior to 30-Sep-1977. Canx 02-Feb-1989.

Accident: 60 ml north of Lake Cache, QC. 18-Feb-1971. Ski Equipped. Pilot 42 y.o. Roger Gagnon. During run-out after landing the left ski became separated from the aircraft in a snow bank which the pilot had failed to see due to visual conditions and lack of surface reference. Substantial damage to aircraft, Pilot and two passengers uninjured.

Accident: Lac Bolem, QC. 02-Apr-1979. Hard landing on snow covered lake. Substantial damage and repaired. Note: Picture of accident on Denis Simard’s page on Flickr.com.

Accident: 18 mi. S of Lac Rouget, QC. N 53.06, W 73.20 28-Sep-1980. Crashed in snow covered mountains. 53.08N 73.20W - removed later by helicopter.

C-FDJO Southern Interior Flight Centre Ltd., Kelowna, BC. Regd. 31-Jan-1989. Canx 25-May-1989 on export.

N121AK Iliamna Air Taxi Inc, Iliamna, AK. Regd 22-May-1989. Canx 25-Apr-2005

Airworthiness Date: 25-Jul-1990. Classification – Restricted. Category – Other.

N121AK Rainbow River Lodge LLC, Salt Lake City, UT. Regd 11-Aug-2005. Re regd 13-Sep-2012. Address at Sandy, Utah. Regd 29-Jan-2016.

Accident: 20-Sep-2018 nr Igiugig, AK. 6 inj.

Status unknown x