N631KB at Lake Hood, Anchorage, Alaska.
Photos: Ben Cogger © 17 January 2024 - Aird Archives
Photo: Special Agent © 12 October 2023 - via Bob Garrard - Aird Archives
Photos: Ben Cogger © 03 September 2022 - Aird Archives
Photo: Todd Boettcher © 04 May 2022 - Aird Archives
N631KB at Whitehorse - CYXY, Yukon - Alaska bound.
Photo: Richard Edelman © 14 April 2022 - Aird Archives
Photo: Brian Langevin © 14 April 2022 - Aird Archives
C-FCOO after rebuild and mods.
Photo: Laval Aviation Ltée © October 2021 - Aird Archives
C-FCOO in Newfoundland waters.
Photo: Robin Cooper © 24 August 2004
N377JW just before she returned to Canada.
Photo: Paul Forsythe © via Robin Cooper
51-16813 at Berlin - Templehof.
Photo: Harald Mueller © 17 September 1971
51-16813 at Heidelberg with 8th Aviation Company.
Photo: US Army © date unknown - via Dennis Newell


51-16813 • N93433 • C-GOUX • N377JW • C-FCOO



51-16813 US Army #1126. L-20A No: 127. Command A-3. Delivered 21-Jul-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

8th Aviation Company patch.

N93433 Joseph V. Masin, Rodenkirchen, Germany. Regd 12-Oct-1973. Canx 24-Apr-1974 on export to Canada

Note: J. V. Masin was an Aircraft Broker operating as Masin Aircraft, Cologne, Germany.

C-GOUX D. W. Pipoli & R. O. Elsigan, Batchewana Bay, ON. Regd. Oct-1974.

C-GOUX Batchewana Bay Air Service, Batchewana Bay, ON. Regd 05 Jul 1978. Canx 19-Apr-2002 & 03-JuL-20A02.

Total Time; 10,681 hours.

Note August 2002 noted for sale US$250,000 on EDO4930 floats.

Note. Rebuilt at Dan Springer’s facility in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

N377JW Amquip Sales & Leasing Inc., Wilmington, DE. Regd 09-Aug-2002. Canx 14-Jun-2004

N377JW Amquip Sales & Leasing Inc., Newtown, PA. Regd 14-Jun-2004. Canx 13-Jul -2004 on export to Canada.

C-FCOO Minipi Aviation Ltd, (Cooper’s Minipi Camps – Raven Outfitters), Goose Bay, NL. Regd 15-JuL-2004.

Note: Stored in Ontario and received mods before 2004 season.

Accident: Flipped over on Otter Creek during training flight 11-Jul-2018, both rescued by fishermen.

• Airframe recovered.

C-FCOO Laval Aviation Limitée, Laval, QC. Regd 20-Feb-2020. For Sale 2021.

tt 12,000 hours.

N631KB K. Bay Air LLC., Homer, AK. Regd 21-Jan-2022.