C-GFLT another leg completed.
Photo: Marco Dijkshoorn © 09 August 2022 - Aird Archives
C-GFLT at a very quiet Nanaimo harbour.
Photo: Terry Calvin © 25 September 2020
C-GFLT back at Tyee Spit.
Photos: Bob Kobzey © 29 June 2018
C-GFLT warming up.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 12 March 2018
C-GFLT sporting new colours, at Tyee Spit.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 11 March 2018
C-GFLT calls in at Nanaimo.
Photo: Jon Beekman © 15 April 2017
C-GFLT early morning departure from Porpoise Bay, Sechelt.
Photo: Jason Pineau © 29 September 2015
C-GFLT now with Sunshine Coast Air, at Sechelt.
Photos: Philip Stevens © 20 September 2015
Photo: Peter Hews © 19 August 2015
C-GFLT visits Vancouver.
Photo: Paul den Ouden © 13 October 2011
C-GFLT - Some views at the Tofino base.
Photos: Steve Wilcox © 22 July 2011
C-GFLT awaits the "beaching gear" at the CYAZ "ditch".
Photo: Bryan Mannella © 12 September 2010
C-GFLT departs Vancouver, yet again.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 11 May 2010
C-GFLT on the Downtown Vancouver run.
Photo: Maxence Roger © 10 September 2009
C-GFLT faithfully serving Tofino, British Columbia.
Photo: Peter Conquergood © 22 August 2009
C-GFLT on a glimmering, glistening Coal Harbour.
Photo: Brenda Kobzey © 17 November 2008
C-GFLT now with Tofino Air.
Photo: Fred Swartz © July 2006
C-GFLT at Vancouver Airport seaplane base.
Photo: Bill Hann © 13 October 2005
Photo: Peter J. Cooper © 29 March 2008 - Aird Archives
C-GFLT at Tofino.
Photos: Peter Watson © 16 August 2005
C-GFLT after the huge 600 HP Polish engine was removed.
Photo: Kurt Roth © July 2003 - Aird Archives
Photo: © Bill Hann
C-GFLT operating with Mid Coast out of Vancouver, Fraser River base.
Photo: Peter Watson © August 1998
C-GFLT at Port McNeill, BC.
Photo: Damiano Gualdoni © June 1996
C-GFLT shortly after her arrival at Vancouver.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1995
C-GFLT resting on Red River at Selkirk, MB.
Photo: © Gordon Jenkins
C-GFLT on wheels at St Mathias, QC.
Photo: Ian Wilson © 02 June 1995
OB-M-1275 at Iquitos.
Photo: Jose E. Silveira © 13 July 1985
OB-M-1275 with Alas de Esperanza - Wings of Hope, at Iquitos.
Photo: Javier Goto Watanabe © 1983 - Private Collection
C-GYOI ready to travel.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.1983 - Aird Archives
C-GYOI showing Airtech conversion to PZL-3S powerplant.
Photo: Airtech Canada © c 1983
C-GYOI in CAP markings at Silver Falls, MB.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 27 May 1981 - Aird Archives


51-16503 • N5149G • C-GYOI • OB-M-1275 • OB-1275 • C-GFLT • (N66PL)



51-16503 USAF #1093.L-20 No: 94. Command AF-1. Delivered 10-Jun-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962. Later conv. to TU-6A.

Accident: Langley AFB. VA 11-Jul-1952. Suffered category 2 damage minor/medium whilst parked and hit by 51-16506 in a takeoff accident.

51-16503 Stored at Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. Arrival date 08-Apr-1965, departed 15-Apr-1966.

51-16503 Passed to the Fairchild Aircraft and Engine facility at St. Augustine, FL. Apl-1966.

51-16503 Served with the USAF 606th Air Commando Squadron, Nakhan Phanom, Royal Thai AFB., Thailand from 21-Jul-1966.

51-16503 Struck off charge from the USAF on 21-Jun-1967 and passed to the US Army.

N5149G Civil Air Patrol Inc., Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, AL. Regd May-1971. Canx 07-Jan-1979.

Entries preceded by dates are from Canadian Department of Transport files.

Aircraft had data plate showing converted to civil by Eagle Aviation, West Columbia, SC).

08-Dec-1976 Provisional marks C-GYOI allotted to DHC-2 s/n 1093 for Silver Pine Air Services.

08-Dec-1976 Provisional Certificate of Registration and Flight Permit for Importation ferry flight Wetumka, AK - Pine Falls, MB.

15-Dec-1976 Bill of Sale; Gordon T. Weir to Silver Pine Air Services Ltd., DHC-2 s/n 1093, 51-16503, N5149G.

(1977-83 inactive, not yet registered).

15-Feb-1983 Application for Certificate of Registration by Silver Pine Air Services Ltd.

22-Feb-1983 Certificate of Registration issued to Silver Pine Air Services Ltd., Pine Falls, MB.

C-GYOI Silver Pines Air Service Ltd., Pine Falls, AB. Regd 20-Mar-1983. Canx 16-Aug-1983.

17-Mar-1983 Bill of Sale; Silver Pine Air Services Ltd., to 371892 Ontario Ltd / AirTech Canada, Peterborough, ON.

28-Mar-1983 AirTech work list for GYOI includes installation of PZL-3S engine and PZL US-132000A prop’ and installation of Edo 58-4580 amphib’s from C-FPQC.

08-Apr-1983 AirTech advise Department of Transport aircraft will be registered in Peru.

17-May-1983 Application for Certificate of Registration by 371892 Ontario Ltd / AirTech Canada, Peterborough, ON.

18-May-1983 Temporary Certificate of Registration and Flight Permit for C of A test flights within 20 mile radius of Peterborough, ON.

26-May-1983 Certificate of Registration issued to 371892 Ontario Ltd., (operating as AirTech Canada).

C-GYOI 371892 Ontario Ltd / AirTech Canada, Peterborough ON. 17-Mar-1983.

26-May-1983 Certificate of Airworthiness issued.

26-May-1983 Bill of Sale; 371892 Canada Ltd., to Wings of Hope, Montréal, QC.

02-Aug-1983 Application for Certificate of Airworthiness for export by Les Ailes de l’Esperance, Montréal, QC., (To be OB-M-1275 for Ala de Esperansa, Satipo, Peru).

02-Aug-1983 Certificate of Airworthiness for Export #YZX-908 issued.

15-Aug-1983 Cancelled CCAR..

Total hours as recorded by Department of Transport in Canada

26-May-1983   6,117 hours

02-Aug-1983   6,122 hours

OB-M-1275 Alas de Esperanza Incorporado, Satipo, Departmento de Junin, Peru. Prov Regn 23-Jun-1983. Regd 24- Jul-1985.

OB-1275 Alas de Esperanza Incorporado, Satipo, Departmento de Junin, Peru. Registration system changed w.e.f. 29-Nov-1988. Actual change on aircraft unknown. Canx 08-Mar-1983.

C-GFLT 154222 Canada Inc., St Hubert, QC. Regd 16-Jun-1993. Canx 28 Jun-1995.

C-GFLT Mid Coast Air Services Ltd., Gibsons, BC. Regd 26-Jul-1995. Canx 10-Dec-1999.

(N66PL) Resv’d 07-Sep-1995. ntu. Record removed from FAA records 11-May-2011.

C-GFLT Tofino Air Ltd., Tofino, BC. Regd 10-Dec-1999 & 08-Sep-2000. Canx 09-Jul-2002. Regd. 24-Jul-2002. Canx 07-Aug_2015.

C-GFLT JDR Pacific Ventures Ltd., (Sunshine Coast Air), Sechelt, BC • Regd 11-Aug-2015.

Note: New livery by 11-Mar-2018.


USAF History

51-16503 was made available on 23-May-1952, and accepted on 29-May-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was assigned to the Tactical Air Command. It was delivered to Langley AFB., in Virginia on 10-Jun-1952 where it initially joined the 2nd Liaison Flight of the 4430th Air Base Group. It suffered category 2 damage, (minor/medium), in a takeoff accident where it is reported to have been hit by 51-16506 as it took off. Then on 22-Jul-1952 it passed to the 2nd Liaison Squadron. After a lengthy stay it was passed to the 405th Fighter Bomber Wing at the same location on 18-Jun-1953. It remained at Langley passing to the host unit the 4405th Operations Squadron on 23-Aug-1954 and stayed until 18-Apr-1956. Staying with the TAC it moved to Wendover AFB., on 18-Apr 1956 for the 4432nd Air Base Group remaining until 11-Dec-1956 after which it returned to Canada and visited the Downsview facility for maintenance for just a couple of days returning to Wendover on 29-Jul-1957 until 19-Nov-1957.

It joined the 31st Fighter Bomber Wing at Turner AFB., Albany, Georgia on 19-Nov-1957 and remained for fourteen months until 26-Jan-1959. After this deployment it stayed with the TAC moving to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing until 06-Apr-1960.

Emblem of the 31st Fighter Bomber Wing.

A re assignment to the Strategic Air Command then occurred and the aircraft moved to McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kansas to join the 4347th Combat Crew Training Wing until 02-Oct-1960. It next moved to Davis Monthan AFB., to the 2704th Air Storage and Disposition Group where it resided until 01-Aug-1961 and then after this period of inactivity it went to Systems Command at Ontario, California and the West Coast Material Area presumably for repair / maintenance. In then came back to active service again with SAC but this time at Offutt AFB., and joined the 3902nd Air Base Wing on 27-Sep-1961 until 25-Oct-1961.

Emblem of the 3902nd Air Base Wing

It then moved to the Logistics Command facility at Hagerstown, Maryland operated by Fairchild Aircraft, Company. Stored at Stored at MASDC, Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona Arrival date 08-Apr-1965 and departed 15-Apl-1966. It then passed to the Fairchild Aircraft and Engine facility at St. Augustine, FL. Apl-1966 and then returned to active service with the USAF 606th Air Commando Squadron, Nakhan Phanom, Royal Thai AFB Thailand from 21-Jul-1966 and passed to the 56th Air Commando Wing at the same location on 21-July 1967  when it was struck off charge from the USAF and passed to the US Army.


Note: Sincere thanks to John M. Davis and Tony Beales for Peruvian research.