N1954J of Brooks Range.
Photo: John Siebert © 25 July 2006 - from PBASE
C-GAEA awaiting spring at Selkirk, Manitoba.
Photo: Robert S. Grant © April 1989 - Aird Archives
C-GAEA at Vancouver.
Photo: John Davis © 1986 - Tom Singfield Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: © Bill Hann or Gary McLeod
C-GAEA at Vancouver - CYVR, British Columbia..
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © July 1980
C-GAEA in action at Vancouver South.
Photo: Erich Gandet © 01 September 1977
C-GAEA waits for Christmas.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 21 December 1975
53-7929 serving in West Germany.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Michael J. Ody Collection
Photo: Chris Knott © October 1969 - Aird Archives


53-7929 • C-GAEA



53-7929 US Army #1470. L-20 No: 471. Delivered 21-Dec-1954. Command A-4. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

53-7929 For sale @ Coleman Barracks, Mannheim–Sandhofen, Germany. Seen 28-Aug-1972.

Total time: 4,410 hours.

No regn. Purchased by B-M Aviation Ltd., Lachute, QC. 01-Apr-1973. Imported into Canada 1974.

C-GAEA Air BC Ltd., Richmond, BC. Dates unknown.

C-GAEA Leased to West Coast Air Services Ltd., Richmond, BC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 14-Jul-1976.

C-GAEA Returned to Air BC Ltd., Richmond, BC. On CCAR at May-1981.

C-GAEA Magee Management Services Ltd., New Westminster, BC. Regd date in 1986 currently unknown. Canx 08-Apr-1987.

C-GAEA Knee Lake Resort Inc., Winnipeg, MB. Regd 09-Jan-1990. Canx 05-Apr-1990.

C-GAEA Esnagami Wilderness Lodge and Outpost Camps Ltd., London, ON. Regd 14-Aug-1990. Canx 30-Sep-1992.

C-GAEA 936430 Ontario Ltd., Nakina, ON. Regd 07-May-1993. Canx on export to USA 09-Feb-1994.

N1954J Jay A. Jesperson, Bettles, AK. Regd 10-Feb-1994. Canx 26-Jun-2004.

Airworthiness Date: 21-Mar-1994.

N1954J Jespersen Aircraft Services Inc., Bettles, AK. Regd 14-Apr-2005. Operated by Brooks Range Aviation, Bettles, AK.