C-FUVQ enjoying the sunshine.
Photo: Ron Kosys © 26 August 2017
C-FUVQ engine run, up on Tyee Spit.
Photos::Rod Hall © 25 May 2016
C-FUVQ with new owners, Sunshine Coast Air.
Photos: Peter Hews © 19 August 2015
C-FUVQ with Pacific Coastal at Port McNeill.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 16 September 2010
C-FUVQ enjoying a sunny, tranquil moment.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 05 June 2010
C-FUVQ devoid of titles.
Photo: John Caswell © 01 June 2010
C-FUVQ back in the water.
Photos: John Caswell © 02 April 2009
C-FUVQ on "the spit".
Photo: Dirk Septer © 28 February 2009
C-FUVQ in action at Campbell River.
Photos: Robbie Shaw © 2008
C-FUVQ in 2008 livery. The "bear" essentials.
Photos: John Caswell © 24 May 2008
C-FUVQ departs CYHH - Campbell River.
Photo: Ron Kosys © 22 May 2006
Photo: Ron Kosys © 20 May 2006
C-FUVQ with new titles and longer snout.
Photo: Neil Aird © 23 May 2005
Photo: John Caswell © 14 May 2004
C-FUVQ undergoing mods with Sealand.
An embarrasing shot, but this configuation makes it easier to handle!
Photo: Neil Aird © 14 October 2002
C-FUVQ at Huaskin Lake, British Columbia.
Photo: Tom McKibbon © Spring 2000
C-FUVQ docked on Kingcome River.
Photo: Tom McKibbon © Summer 2001 - via Gord Jenkins
C-FUVQ at Tyee Spit in Air Rainbow tail livery.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 1998-99
C-FUVQ at Campbell River.
Photo: © Elwood White  
C-FUVQ gracing the ramp at Victoria, BC.
Photo: Neil Aird © 30 October 1997
C-FUVQ with Orca Air, at Campbell River - Tyee Spit.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c1992-94 - Aird Archives
C-FUVQ at Vancouver , BC
Photo: Mike Ody © 04 September 1991- Aird Archives
N34M in SVnAF markings at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Photo: George Trussell © 26 July 1991
N67130 awaiting salvation.
Photo: © Terrance Wilds
N67130 at Grayling, Michigan.
Photo: Uniknown photographer © 1980 - Wim Zwakhals Collection
53-7888 parked at San Antonio, Texas.
Photo: Manuel J. Delgado © 1967 - Aird Archives
53-7888 with earlier day-glo markings.
Photo: Peter Keating Collection © Date unknown - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © via Robin A. Walker Collection


53-7888  N67130  N34M



53-7888 US Army #1429. L-20 No: 1430. Command A-4. Delivered 22-Sep-1954. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

53-7888 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 07-Mar-1972 to 09-Feb-1976.  PCN (Product Control Number) HS128.

N67130 Kirtland Community College, Roscommon, MI. Regd Jul-1975.

N34M Murray D. Michael, Potomac, MD. Regd Aug-1989 in South Vietnamese Air Force markings “53-37888” “mM”

N34M Owner unknown, Blaine, WA. Canx 23-Aug-1991.

Note: On display at Oshkosh 26-Jul-1991 in South Vietnamese AF markings 53-37888 “mM”.

C-FUVQ Imported into Canada. Aug-1991.

C-FUVQ Thomas P. Rogers, White Rock, BC. Regd 26-Aug-1991. Canx 12-Nov-1991.

C-FUVQ 415150 British Columbia Ltd., White Rock, BC. Regd 12-Nov-1991. Canx 06-Jan-1992.

C-FUVQ Orca Air (1987) Ltd., Port McNeill, BC. Regd 10-C Columbia. Regd 31-Aug-1994. Canx 25-May-1998.

Note: Attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Victoria, BC, 17 to 19-Oct-1997.

C-FUVQ Air Rainbow Mid-Coast, Campbell River, BC. Regd 19-Jun-1998. Canx 09-Jun-1999.

C-FUVQ Vancouver Island Air Ltd., Campbell River, BC. Regd 22-Jun-1999. Canx 27-Oct-1999.

C-FUVQ North Island Air and Marine Ltd., Port McNeill, BC. 20-Dec-1999. Canx 08-Feb-2002

C-FUVQ Vancouver Island Air Ltd., Campbell River, BC. Regd 06-Jun-2003. Canx 30-Jun-2010.

C-FUVQ Pacific Coastal Airlines Ltd., Richmond, BC. Based Port Hardy, BC.

• Regd 26-Jul-2010. Canx 24-Feb-2015.

C-FUVQ JDR Pacific Ventures Ltd., (Sunshine Coast Air), Sechelt, BC  • Regd 04-Aug-2015.