N323KT with nose muff.
Photo: Ben Cogger © 30 April 2013
N323KT posing smartly.
Photo: Stephen Toernblom © 03 May 2006
N323KT in sunshine, ready for another glacier trip.
Photo: Nigel Hitchman © 26 May 2005
N323KT under overcast skies.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 04 May 2005
N323KT at Talkeetna having things checked over.
Photo: Neil Aird © 10 September 2004
N10RM in Alaska.
Photo: Erik Johannesson © 06 March 1994
C-FBDQ at Vancouver.
Photo: John Kimberley © May 1990
56-0353 during MASDC stay.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 10 October 1976 - Aird Archives


56-353 • 56-0353 • N99128 • 1266 or 1267 • C-FBDQ • N10RM



56-353 US Army #1654. L-20 No. 655. Command A-11. Delivered 15-Jan-1957. Built as L-20A and re- designated U-6A in 1962.

Note: Originally serialed as shown above but in approx 1965 would have had the additional “0” added to conform with US Army & USAF agreement on numbering to represent the service the aircraft operated with.

56-0353 USEC (See note).

Note: Only acronym listed for USEC in Connection with US Army is United States Enrichment Corporation, or for United States Mission to the Economic Community as quoted by US State Department during 1964-1968.

56-0353 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 30-Jul-1972 to 28-Feb-1977. PCN (Product Control Number) HS184. As this is a USAF code presumably transferred to the USAF inventory.

N99128 Summit Aviation, Middleton, DE. Regd 15-Feb-1977. Canx 18-Nov-1980. Removed from USCAR 18-Aug-2014.

1266 or 1267 Corps d’Aviation d’Haiti / Haiti Air Corps 1980-1987.

Note: Summit Aviation purchased several Beavers in Feb-1977 from Davis Monthan and of these three were imported into Canada by William Perry in 1987 there being a similar gap between the FAA and CCAR records. One of these is reported to be c/n 702 with serial 1268 and it is suggested that the other two c/n 907 and c/n 1022 were- also with Haiti Air Corps/Air Force between 1977 and 1987.

C-FBDQ Imported into Canada. 1987.

C-FBDQ William R & Lorraine M. Perry, Courtenay, BC. Regd 29-Feb-1988. Canx 27-Jun-1990.

C-FBDQ Air-Sask Aviation, La Ronge, SK. Canx 16-Jul-1990 and 18-Oct-1991.

C-FBDQ William R & Lorraine M. Perry, Courtenay BC. Regd 18-Nov-1991. Deleted 15-Apr-1992 on export to USA.

Airworthiness date: 08-Apr-1992.

N10RM RMH Aeroservices Inc., Orem, UT. Regd 10-Jun-1992. On USCAR at

N323KT Rust Properties LLC., Anchorage, AK. (Rust’s Flying Service, Inc). Regd., 19-Aug-1999.

Accident: McGrath, AK. 05-Feb-2008. The commercial certificated pilot was departing a remote, snow-covered airstrip on a Title 14, CFR Part 91, cross-country positioning flight in a wheel-ski equipped airplane. The pilot reported that during the takeoff run, he aborted the takeoff because of soft snow conditions. As the airplane slowed, it drifted to the right, and the right wing struck a tree. From the cockpit, the pilot said he saw what appeared to be minor scuffing on the right wingtip. The pilot then took off in the opposite direction, and landed at his destination. Inspection of the airplane by maintenance personnel revealed denting of the leading edge of the right wing, denting along the underside of the right wing, and a tear in the underside of the right wing aileron. ANC08CA034

Accident: Talkeetna, AK. 11-May-2008. The commercial certificated pilot was landing a wheel ski-equipped airplane at the conclusion of a positioning flight on a hard surface runway. The director of operations for the operator reported that the airplane bounced on the right main landing gear wheel during the initial flare/touchdown. As the airplane made runway contact with both main wheels a second time, the wheels appeared to be locked, producing skid marks on the runway. The airplane nosed down, and the propeller struck the runway. The airplane fell back onto the tailwheel, which resulted in a broken tailwheel strut, and structural buckling of the aft fuselage bulkhead. The director of operations reported that the airplane did not have a mechanical malfunction, and said that the pilot may have had his feet on the brakes when the airplane touched down the second time.NTSB report ANC08CA066.

Accident: Talkeetna, AK. 22-May-2012. The pilot landed at a base camp on Kahiltna Glacier, AK. To prevent the airplane from sliding, he raised the wheel skis and set the parking brake. He lowered the skis and departed the glacier, forgetting to release the parking brake. Upon touchdown on a hard surfaced runway, the airplane came to an abrupt stop and nosed down, then settled back on the tailwheel. Pilot and four passengers received no or minor injuries. The horizontal stabilizer sustained substantial damage. The pilot indicated there were no pre-accident mechanical anomalies with the airplane. NTSB report ANC12CA041

Note: Currently doing business in K2 Colours out of Talkeetna, AK.

Accident: Thunder Mountain, Denali park region, AK. 04-Aug-2018. Aircaft impacted snow covered mountain. Five on board believed to have survived the crash with injuries, but perished awaiting rescue. Altitude over 10,000 feet. Weather prevented rescue efforts.

Photo: NPS © 06 August 2018

Remains on mountain