N755JM at Plzeň Lině, Czech Republic. (Líně, Plzeň, Czechia).
Photo: Alistair T. Gardiner © 08 August 2020
Photos: Vàclav Kudela © May 2018
N755JM in action at Schaffen-Diest in Belgium.
Photos: Kristof Vandermoere © 16August 2008
N755JM at EHSE - Hoeven-Seppe.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 06 June 2004 - Joop de Groot Collection - Aird Archives
N755JM in some stunning images by Ben Ullings.
Photos: Ben Ullings © 24 April 2004 - via Marcel Peerlkamp (The Pilot)
N755JM on top of the world at Courchevel.

Mont Blanc in distance.

Photo: Marcel Peerlkamp © 04 September 2004
N755JM The Office.
Photo: Marcel Peerlkamp © 2005
N755JM on a trip to Texel.
Photos: Steve Martin © 15 May 2004
N755JM at her new home in Lelystad, The Netherlands.
Photo: Jack Wolbrink © 05 September 2003
Photos: Ian Wilson © 24 May 2003
N775JM "Amber" on display.
Photo: via Tony Clarke © - Aird Archives
N775JM "Amber" in MARINES markings.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1990
N555EF of ELM FISHERIES based at Bethel, Alaska.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Summer 1982 - Ruben Husberg Collection
56-0402 when with the US Army.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Summer 1975 - Ruben Husberg Collection


56-402 • 56-0402 • N67146 • N555EF



56-0402 US Army # 1723. L-20 No. 724. Command A-11. Delivered 11-Sep-1957. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Note: Originally serialled as shown above but in approx 1965 it would have had had the additional “0” added to conform with US Army & USAF agreement on numbering to represent the service the aircraft operated with.

56-0402 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 07-Apr-1972 to 10-Apr-1975. PCN (Product Control Number) HS 154.

N67146 Department of Emergency, Salem, OR. Dates unknown.

N67146 County of Umatilla, Pendleton OR. On USCAR at 29-Sep-1979.

N67146 Thomas A Canorozzo, Whitefish, MT. Regd Feb-1980.

N555EF Elm Corporation, Bethel, AK. Circa 1982.

N755JM Jack McManus, Oregon, WI. Regd 01-Feb-1987. Address on USCAR at Mar-1990.

N755JM Jack McManus, Bettles / Fairbanks AK. Address at 01-Oct-1994..

N755JM J W van der Flier, Lelystad, Netherlands. Arrived 14-May-2003.

N755JM Eastern Stearman Inc Trustees, Leesburg, Virginia. Regd 06-Sep-2011. Remained in the Netherlands at Leystadt.

Total time: 7,926 hours  (Mar-2008) ; 8,069 (Mar-2016)  FOR SALE

Note: In Jan-2010 shown on FAA records as Regd 03-Jul-2003 to BogCo. Aviation Inc, Wilmington, DE.

Mods include: Dual Control, wing tip tanks, Cleveland wheels and brakes, battery moved forward and JasCo. Alternator, improved gross weight to 5,370 lbs. and large baggage door. Original military seats, skylights and porthole window. Firewall forward refurbished with a P & W R985-AN-14B engine.

Colour scheme. Overall silver and arctic red with US Marine markings and “N” civil registration.

N755JM Eastern Stearman Inc., Trustee, Leesburg, VA. Regd 06-Sep-2011.

Lives at LKLN - Líně, Plzeň, Czechia since Apr-2018.



Photo: Ian Wilson © 18 February 2006