N5381U at her Glennallen home dock.
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © 24 July 2007 - Aird Archives
N5381U caught again by John.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1992 - Aird Archives
N5381U in reflective mood.
Photos: John Kimberley © July 1990 - Aird Archives
Photo: John Kimberley © August 1981 - Aird Archives
55-0694 at McEntire AFB - near Columbia, South Carolina.
Photo: Peter Keating © 1976 - Aird Archives - via aflyinghistory.com
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 1975 - Aird Archives


55-0694 • N5377G • C-GNJS



55-0694 US Army #1596. L-20 No. 597. Command A-7. Delivered 18-May-1956. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

• Served with South Carolina National Guard.

N5377G Civil Air Patrol, Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, AL. Regd Jan-1978.

C-GNJS Imported into Canada. Regd 1980.

Entries preceded by a date are from Department of Transport files held by Archive Canada.

29-Oct-1980 Allotment registration C-GNJS to Warner Aviation Ltd.,  for DHC-2 # 915.

20-Jul-1981 Application for Registration by Warner Aviation Ltd., Penticton, BC.

23-Jul-1981 Certificate of Airworthiness issued.

23-Jul-1981 Certificate of Registration issued to Warner Aviation Ltd., Penticton BC.

C-GNJS Warner Aviation Ltd., Penticton, BC. Regd 23-Jul-1981. Canx 23-Jul-1982.

13-Oct-1982 Bill of Sale; Warner Aviation to Power Two, Wrangell, AK.

15-Nov-1982 Cancelled CCAR.

Note: Unclear from archive notes as to why this presumed move to USCAR did not proceed.

03-Feb-1983 Power Two requests marks C-GNJS for DHC-2 c/n 915.

04-Feb-1983 Allotment of C-GNJS for Power Two, Wrangell, AK.

C-GNJS Power Two, Wrangell AK. Feb-1983.

10-Feb-1983 Bill of Sale; Power Two to P.C.I. Power Ltd., Castlegar, BC.

14-Feb-1983 Marks re-allotted to P.C.I. Power Ltd., Castlegar, BC for same aircraft.

14-Feb-1983 Application for Registration by P.C.I. Power Ltd.

18-Feb-1983 Certificate of Registration issued to P.C.I. Power Ltd., Castlegar, BC.

22-Feb-1983 Certificate of Airworthiness issued.

C-GNJS P C I Power Ltd., Castlegar, BC. Regd Mar-1983. Deleted 28 Jun-1984 on export to USA.

21-Jun-1984 Bill of Sale; P.C.I. Power Ltd.,  to Power Construction Inc, Anchorage AK.

27-Jun-1984 Cancelled CCAR.

Note: It is assumed that P.C.I. Power Ltd., is the same as Power Construction Inc.

Total time since new as shown on Department of Transport files at Archive Canada

20-Jul-1981   6,014 hours

07-Aug-1982   6,031 hours

14-Feb-1983   6,306 hours

N5381U Power Construction Inc., Anchorage, AK. Regd Jun-1984.

N5381U C. P. & Rosemary Bartley / Alaskan Airventures, Snowshoe Lake, Palmer, AK. On USCAR at 02-Nov-1990 & 29-Feb-1992.

N5381U Alfred M. Lee, Snowshoe Lake, Palmer, AK. Regd 23-Mar-1992. On USCAR at 01-Oct-1994.

Certificate date: 19-Apr-1994. Restricted / Other.

N5381U Alfred M. Lee, Trustee, Glennallen AK. Regd 06-Dec-1995. Canx 04-Jun-2012

N5381U Gerald R Lee, Glennallen, AK. dba Basin Airmotive, operating from Tazlina Smokey Lake Seaplane Base. Regd 28-Jun-2010.



Photo: John Kimberley © July 1990