N69359 in beautiful WARD AIR colours
Photo: Heather A. Holt © 02 July 2019
Photo: Heather A. Holt © 04 August 2018
N69359 on a moist Tyee Spit, British Columbia.
Photo: Rod Hall © 13 April 2018
C-GDCN at work in Vancouver.
Photo: Kenneth I Swartz © 05 August 2016
C-GDCN almost ready, f/n 223 for Harbour Air.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 23 June 2015
C-GDCN visits Sioux Lookout, ON.
Photos: Rich Hulina © 14 June 2004
N8PE minus prop at Kenmore.
Photo: Glen Etchells © July 1987
N26584 at Seattle's Boeing Field - KBFI.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 10 July 1982 - Aird Archives
N26584 noted while at Vancouver.
Photo: Gary Vincent © July 1982
Photos: John Kimberley © July 1982 - Aird Archives


CF-OEP • C-FOEP • N26584 • N8PE • C-GDCN



CF-OEP Province of Ontario, Department of Lands and Forests, Queens Park, Toronto & Sault Ste. Marie, ON.  Delivered 18-Apr-1967.

CF-OEP Province of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 24-Jul-1973 Until canx prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 24-Jul-1978.

C-FOEP Cargair Ltée., St. Michel des Saints / Lac Kaiagamac, QC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 24-Jul-1978. Canx 03-Feb-1982.

N26584 Operator details unknown. Possibly Wipaire Inc., circa. 1982.

N8PE Henry A. Braun / Bronco Ltd., Pasadena, CA. Regd 15-Mar-1983. Canx 12-Mar-1997.

C GDCN Emo Investments Ltd., t/a Ross Air, Emo, ON. 14-Apr-1997. Canx 04-06-2015.

Note: Initials of owner Chuck Mosbeck's children, Dallas, Cody and Nicolette.

Note: Attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Victoria, BC, 17 to 19-Oct-1997.

Note: Attended DHC Out of production Conference, Victoria, BC, 18 to 20-Oct-2002.

Note: Wipaire 6000 floats in conversion by Innotech of BC. Operated on wheels/skis in winter.

Note: Also shown on CCAR records at 01-Jan-2010 as Ross’s Camp but not at Apr-2015.

C GDCN Harbour Air Ltd., (f/n 223). Richmond, BC. Regd 30-Jun-2015. Canx 21-mar-2018.

N69359 Ward Air Inc., Juneau, AK. Regd 23-Mar-2018.