N199BM ready for a new season.
Photos: Todd Boettcher © 05 May 2022 - Aird Archives
N199BM with Alaska Air Taxi at Lake Hood, Anchorage.
Photos: Neil Aird © 06 September 2004
Photo: Mike Pink © 17 May 2004
Photo: Mark Merry © October 2003
N199BM of Royal Coachman Lodge, Bristol Bay.
Photo: Chuck Stewart © July 1999 - Aird Archives
Photo: Ruben Husberg © 23 May 1998 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
N199BM on lake south of Anchorage.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 15 May 1987
N199BM in the Kenmore yard.
Photo: Unknown photographer © November 1986 - Aird Archives
53-2798 during her U.S.Army life.
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53-2789 • N67670



53-2798 US Army #1341. L-20 No: 342. Command A-4. Delivered 17-Dec-1953. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

53-2798 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 07-Apr-1972 to 06-Feb-1976. IPCN (Product Control Number) HS153. Declared excess on 04-Oct-1974.

Note: Purchased by Hillcrest at the Davis Monthan auction sale on 29-Jan-1976 for US$25,000. Total time 8,743.8 hrs. Engine 7,565.8 hrs. Sold “as providing no reasonable potential for normal certification”. Comments at sale included: Stub exhaust stacks six seats, two rear data plates. Overall average condition.

N67670 Hillcrest Aircraft, Lewiston, ID. Regd 06-Feb-1976.

N199BM Bill Martin’s Fish Alaska Inc., Anchorage, AK. Regd May-1984 also 11-Jul-1984. On USCAR at Nov-1995.

N199BM M. P. M. Airlease Corp., Inc., Skowhegan, ME. Regd 05-Jun-1998. Operated by Alaska Air Taxi LLC.

Airworthiness Date: 27-Oct-2004.

Accident: Igiugig, Alaska. 06-Sep-2005. The float-equipped de Havilland DHC-2 airplane, N199BM, sustained substantial damage when it collided with a river bank during an aborted takeoff, about 18 miles south-southwest of Igiugig, Alaska. The airplane was being operated as a visual flight rules (VFR) cross-country positioning flight under Title 14, CFR Part 91, when the accident occurred. The airplane was operated by Alaska Air Taxi, LLC., Anchorage, Alaska. The airline transport certificated pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. VFR company flight following procedures were in effect, and the flight was en route to Igiugig. During a telephone conversation with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator-in-charge (IIC), on September 7, the pilot reported that he was departing eastbound, and up-river, on the Alagnak River. He said the airplane was on-step, and he attempted to lift one float out of the water during the takeoff run, but was unsuccessful. He then decided to abort the takeoff by closing the engine throttle. The pilot indicated that the airplane collided with the river bank, the left float assembly was torn off the fuselage, and the airplane received structural damage to the fuselage. ANC05CA137.

N199BM General Aircraft Services LLC., Anchorage, AK. Regd 24-Aug-2012.

N199BM D & B Aircraft Leasing LLC., Anchorage, AK. Regd 30-Jul-2018.