N4600Y at Sonoma County Airport - Santa Rosa, California.
Photo: Roger Cain © 10 September 2019
Photos: Joseph J. Miner © 28 June 2013
N4600Y looking a bit like a green house.
Photos: Unknown photographer © 31 October 2000  -  Aird Archives
N4600Y on her 4930 amphibs.
Photo: Malcolm A. Soare © c.1997 - Aird Archives
N4600Y en route to Ketchikan from Metlakatla.
Photos: Scott Habberstad © July 1995 - via Thor Johnson
N4600Y bringing Police divers to Portage Bay, Petersburg.
Photo: Thor Johnson © 15 June 1995
N4600Y waiting for warmer days.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 15 May 1987
N4600Y at Torrance, California, retaining military equipment.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 27 January 1979 - Aird Archives


55-4600 • N4600Y • (C-GJBU)



55-4600 US Army #1639. L-20 No. 640 Command A-9. Delivered 24-Oct-1956. Delivered as L-20A & re-designated U-6A in 1962.

55-4600 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 20-Feb-1972 to 01-Feb-1976. PCN (Product Control Number) HS114.

Note: -Purchased by Christopherson at the Davis Monthan auction sale on 29-Jan-1976 for $25,000US. Total time 3,842.7 hours. Engine 3,833.7 hours. Sold as “providing no reasonable potential for normal Certification”. Comment at sale included wing data plate. Old model wings and right wing trim missing

N4600Y Thompson Flying Service, Salt Lake City, Utah. Regd 01-Feb-1976.

N4600Y Dan Futrell Aircraft & Sales, Hot Springs, AZ. Regd Jul-1976.

Airworthiness date; 26-Oct-1976. Category – Normal.

Notes from Canadian Department of Transport Archive Files:

24-Apr-1979 Allotment of Registration C-GJBU; DHC-2 c/n 993, from N4600Y, for Smithers Air Service (1974) Ltd., , Smithers BC.

24-Apr 1979 Provisional Certificate of Registration and Flight Permit issued for flights Salt Lake City UT to Delta BC via Abbotsford BC for customs and permission for test flight within 10 miles of Delta. Valid until 24th May 1979.

30-Nov-1979 Department of Transport letter enquiring about aircraft, no response.

01-Feb-1980 Department of Transport write again, no response.

15-Feb-1980 Registration allotment cancelled. (Aircraft never registered in Canada).

N4600Y Burton M. Bomhoff, Anchorage, AK. On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990, 29-Feb-1992 & 01-Oct-1994.

N4600Y Alaska Aircraft Sales Inc., Anchorage, AK. Regd Dec-1994.

N4600Y Soaring Inc., Columbus, MT. Regd 30-May-1996.

N4600Y Kent B. Williams, Columbus, MT. Dates unknown.

N4600Y Bruce A. Erickson, Bozeman, MT. Regd 14-Jun-2000.

N4600Y San Francisco Seaplane Tours LLC., Mill Valley, CA. Regd 08-Apr-2004.

N4600Y Duane S. Doyle Trustee & Carolyn S. Doyle Trustee, Castro Valley, CA. Regd 22-Sep-2008.