N952DB just three days before tragedy.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 10 May 2019
N952DB ramped up.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 13 May 2015
N952DB viewed from cruise ship.
Photo: Osborne Love © 17 July 2014
N952DB operating with Mountain Air Service.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 02 August 2013
N952DB yet another busy Beaver.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 02 September 2012
N952DB at God's Pocket, Rudyerd Bay, Misty Fjords Monument.
Photos: Chip Porter © 30 August 2012
N952DB ramped up at cloudy Ketchikan.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 25 June 2012
N952DB at Kenmore.
Photo: Pete Killin © 28 April 2010
Photo: Nathan Havercraft © 24 August 2008
N952DB with Kenmore titles.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 20 August 2008
N952DB nears completion at Kenmore Seaplanes.
Photo: Fred Barnes © 17 June 2008
Photo: Axel Klegian © 14 June 2008
N922DD wearing Kenmore titles.
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © 04 August 2007 - Aird Archives
N922DD at the Vette seaplane base, Wisconsin.
Photos: Marc Bourdon © August 2004
N922DD at the wonderful Victoria gathering.
Photos: Neil Aird © 18 and 20 October 2002
C-GMJU one of the Rainbow tails on the West Coast
Photo: Neil Aird © 1997
Photo: © Mark Merry
C-GMJU at New Westminster.
Photo: Glen Etchells © February 1989 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
C-GMJU exhibiting fire damage at Bella Coola, BC.
Photo: © Glen Etchells
C-GMJU of Eagle Air at Courtenay.
Photo: John Caswell © c.1984-85
C-GMJU without titles at Vancouver.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 28 July 1984 - Ruben Husberg Collecton
C-GMJU at Victoria - CYYJ.
Photo: Anthony J. Hickey © March 1983 - Aird Archives
51-16484 at Middle River, Maryland ANG.
Photo: Robert Esposito © 1967 - Aird Archives
51-16484 of 143rd Rhode Island ANG
Photo: Henk Scharringa © Aviationwebshop


51-16484 • 5T-CAA • N1076 • C-GMJU • N922DD



51-16484 USAF #1055. L-20A No: 56. Command AF-1. Delivered on 20-Apr-1952.

51-16484 Rhode Island ANG.

51-16484 Maryland and California ANG.

51-16484 Reported as struck off charge on 30-Jul-1974 reportedly as a reclamation.

Canx circa. 1971-1972.

5T-CAA Reported but no confirmatory evidence. 

N1076 George Robertson, Homer, AK. Regd 19-Feb-1981. Canx 24-Mar-1981.

C-GMJU Keewatin Air Ltd., Winnipeg, MB. Regd 25-Mar-1981. Canx 28-Jul-1982. Named “Spirit of Essington”.

C-GMJU R. E. Gustin, Sidney, BC. Canx 24-Mar-1983.

C-GMJU Bob Gustin Inc., Sidney, BC. Canx 12-Jul-1983.

C-GMJU Eagle Air 1984-1985. To be confirmed.

C-GMJU Ritchie Bros Holdings Ltd., Richmond, BC. Canx 25-Mar-1988.

C-GMJU Hyack Air (1981) Ltd., New Westminster, BC. Regd 25-Mar-1988. Canx 15-Jun-1989.

C-GMJU Air Rainbow Ltd., Nanaimo, BC. Regd 15-Jun-1989. Canx 17-Nov-1993.

C-GMJU Air Rainbow Mid Coast, Port McNeill, BC. Regd 21-Dec-1993. Canx 10-Aug-2000.

Accident: Port Elizabeth, BC. 29-May-1997. Following touchdown and while taxiing, the float equipped aircraft struck a partially submerged log with its left float. Although the aircraft started to list to the left the pilot managed to taxi the aircraft to the dock without further incident. Following the deplaning of the passengers at the dock, the pilot secured the aircraft by the left float, ensuring it was safely supported. CADORS Number 1997P0354

Note: Attended Beaver 50th Anniversary meet at Victoria, BC Oct-1997.

C-GMJU North Island Air & Marine Ltd., Port McNeill, BC. Regd 30-Mar-2001.

N922DD Douglas F. Devries, Kenmore, WA. Regd 19-Jun-2002. Canx 03-Apr-2006

Airworthiness cert: 29-Aug-2002.

Note: Attended de Havilland Canada "Out of Production" meet at Victoria, BC. 18-20-Oct-2002.

N922DD George Matt Hook, Palm City, FL . Regd 05-Apr-2006. Canx 08-Apr-2008 on change of registration. Possibly leased to Kenmore Air Harbour.

N922DD George Matt Hook, Palm City, FL. Regd 08-Apr-2008. Leased to Kenmore Air. Re regd 31-May-2011 with new address, Seahurst, WA.

N922DD Catahoula Air LLC., Seahurst WA. Regd 22-May-2012.

N952DB Mountain Air Service LLC., Ketchikan, AK. Regd 23-Oct-2012.

Accident: Mid air at 3,300' over Coon Cove, George Inlet, 8nm NE of Ketchikan. 13-May-2019. 5K. Brought down by descending N959PA (159) Turbine DHC-3 Otter.

Status unknown

USAF History

51-16484 was made available to the Toronto AMO (Air Material Overseas) unit of the USAF on 04-Apr-1952, accepted on 15-Apr-1952 and initially delivered on 20-Apr-1952 to the Air Material Command and the San Bernardino maintenance facility at Norton Air Force Base. It remained between 22-Apr-1952 until 03-Jun-1952, after which it was re assigned to the Far East Air Forces Command and transported to South Korea and Kisarazu Air Force Base. Here it was allocated to the 6400th Air Depot until 16-Jul-1952 and then the 6408th Maintenance Unit Group for preparation prior to an onward move to Yong Dong Po Air Force Base and the 10th Liaison Squadron on the 08-Sep-1952. The unit subsequently moved to Osan ni and the aircraft remained there until 21-Oct-1954, after which it went to the 6146th Air Advisory Group at Sachon where they trained South Korean engineers to maintain their aircraft.

Back at Sachon in Korea it was again deployed to the 6146th Air Advisory Group, the unit later moving to Seoul and the aircraft stayed with the unit until 10-Sep-1959. It then joined the 6314th Air Base Wing on 10-Sep 1959 where it stayed 20-Jul-1961. During this allocation the unit deployed to Seoul, Osan ni, Kimpo and Kunsan. The unit was then re-designated as 6314th Support Wing staying at Osan (the ni suffix having been dropped) and the aircraft remained until 26-Mar-1963.

A complete change now occurred with a move back to the US mainland. The aircraft was assigned to the Logistics Command and the Fairchild Aircraft Company facility at Hagerstown, Baltimore in Ohio from 26-Mar 1963. A further re assignment of command on 16-Jun-1963 found it with the Strategic Air Command and the 381st Strategic Missile Wing at McConnell AFB near Wichita, KS.

Emblem of the 381st SMW

On 18-Aug-1965 the aircraft was passed to the Air National Guard initially with the 135th Air Commando Group at Martin AFB, Maryland and then to the 129th Air Commando Group at Hayward AFB, CA which was an Air National Guard Unit, on the 11-Apr 1966. It returned to Martin AFB on the 08-Sep-1966 and its last recorded allocation was to the Air Force Logistics Command and the  Warner Robins Air Depot at Robins AFB from 15-Jan-1968 where it remained stored It is reported as struck off charge on 30-Jul-1974 as a reclamation when it was sold onto the commercial market.