N600AX on the Tyee Spit again.
Looks like some additional fins on for testing.
Photo: Bob Kobzey © 11 November 2015
N600AX stopping at Vernon - CYVK, heading east.
Photos: John W. Olafson © 05 July 2015
N600AX First Flight on floats.
Photos: Bob Kobzey © 08 May 2015
N600AX on floats, for trials.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 08 May 2015
N600AX back at Sealand CYBL facilities.
Photos: Bob Kobzey © 27 April 2015
N600AX at Midland, Texas on first flight day. Pilot Greg Koopman.
Photos: Bob Kobzey © 12 May 2012
N600AX two more images.
Photos: Bob Kobzey (?) © May 2012
C-GGBF getting Trace OE600A powerplant.
Photos: John Caswell © 23 October 2009
Photo: Sealand Aviation © 16 October 2009
C-GGBF getting the full Sealand treatment.
Photo: Sealand Aviation © 2008
HK-189 with TARI at SKVV, Villavicencio.
Photo: Tim Spearman © 12 November 1992 - Aird Archives
HK-189 on a typical rainy day.
Photos: Unknown photographer © November 1990 - Aird Archives
HK-189 with CALAMAR.
Photo: via Chris J. Mak © Aird Archives
HK-189 at Villavicencio using a "Chock Rock".
Photo: Unknown photographer © January 1980 - Aird Archives
HK-189 at Villavicencio, Colombia .
Photo: Chris J. Mak © March 1979 - Aird Archives
HK-189 with white registration marks.
Photo: Alberto Paulo Fortner © August 1982
HK-189 gets checked over.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
HK-189 in Viarco liveries.
Photo: Karl Kramer © 15 January 1985 - Ian MacFarlane Collection
Photo: Chris J. Mak © March 1979 - Aird Archives
HK-189 in her Viarco yellow scheme.
Photo: Unknown photographer © April 1977 - Aird Archives


HK-189-X • HK-189 • C-GGBF (2)



HK-189-X Government of Colombia. Delivered 10-Jun-1955.

HK-189 Aerotaxi SA (Avianca – Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia SA), Bogota, Colombia In service. Nov 1959.

HK-189 Re named Aerovias Regionales de Colombia in 1972. Company wound up in early 1974.

Accident: In Colombia. 08-Dec-1973 and rebuilt.

HK-189 Franco Hernando. Early 1974.

HK-189 AERCO – Aerovias Comerciales, Aeropuerto Chaparral, Tolima, Colombia.

Note: AEROVIAS is mentioned but could be part of the full name of AERCO.

HK-189 VIACCO or a corruption of VIARCO.

HK-189 Reported in 1987. Possibly a lease.

HK-189 SAETA - Servicios Aereos Meta y Terretorios Nacionales Ltd., a., Villavicencio, Colombia.

HK-189 VIARCO - Vias Aereas Colombianas Ltd., Villavicencio, Colombia In scheme 1979.

HK-189 Reported in 1987. Possibly a lease.

Note: MAP photo in SAETA colours in 1987.

HK-189 CALAMAR - Aerotaxi de Calamar Ltd., at Villavencio 1992. also noted that year with TARI Colombia.

Note: The above allocations are possibly all leases from Franco Hernando.

HK-189-P Franco Hernando. Regd 15-Apr-1995. Dec-1999.

Note: Fuselage noted in open storage at Villavicencio Sep-1997.

Total time reported as 34,000 hours!!

C-GGBF (2) Imported into Canada.

C-GGBF (2) 590714 British Columbia Ltd., /Sealand Aviation Ltd., Campbell River, British Columbia. Regd 11-Dec-2002. Canx & deleted 17-Feb-2012. To USA.

Note: Rebuilt at Sealand. Is being used as test bed airframe for TRACE (Orenda) engine conversion project.

N600AX Trace Engines LP, Midland TX. Regd 23-Feb-2012.

Note: First flight with Trace engine on 12-May-2012 with Sealand test pilot Greg Koopman at the controls, Midland, TX.

Airworthiness date 11-Nov-2012 – Experimental /  Research and Development – Market Survey.

Note: First flight with floats - 08-May-2015 at Tyee Spit, Campbell River, BC.

Note: Heading to Val d'Or, QC., for float certification work. 06-Jul-2015. Arrived 07-July-2015.



Photos: John Caswell © 17 September 2009