c/n 246

XW-TBB at Seletar looking rather sad and forlorn.
Photo: Nick Harris © September 1975
XW-TBB three years earlier at Seletar.
Photo: Glen Reid © October 1972 - Aird Archives

c/n 246


XW-TBB (2)


• Left paint shop 26-Jul-1952 - No Registration - Orange with Black Stripe

• Crated for delivery.

VR-RCB Socfin Co., Ltd.  Delivered 07-Jul-1952.

F-LAAS Z. R. Lasen, Regd Oct-1958.

F-LAAS Possibly Compagnie Laotienne de Commerce et de Transports.

XW-TBB (2) Royal Air Lao, Vientiane, Laos. Regd Sep-1960. Jan 1970.

Noted: Reported stored at Seletar, Singapore 30-Nov-1975.

Fate unknown