N90721 (1) up for auction at Ely Municipal Airport - KELO, Minnesota.
Photo: GSA Auctions © November 2022
51-16532 waiting out the weather at Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Photo: Chuck Ross © 1972
51-16532 the jeep is still waiting for the General.
Photo: Dave Cross © 02 August 1970 - Adrian M. Balch Collection - Aird Archives
51-16532 showing "two star" flag at Andrews AFB.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 02 May 1970 - Aird Archives
51-16532 serving as unit "hack" with 50th TFW. Colourful eh?
Photo: Jack M. Friell © May 1963 - Wayne Mutza Collection
51-16532 a second shot at Northolt, when did nose go black?
Photo: Unknown photographer © May 1963 - Steve Hill Collection - via Adrian M. Balch
51-16532 at Toul-Rosières Air Base, France
Photo: David W. Menard © July 1959
Photo: T. Richeson © 1958 - David W. Menard Collection


51-16532 • 164524 / 22

N90721 (1)


51-16532 USAF #1135. L-20A No: 136. Command AF-1. Delivered 18-Jul-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16532 US Army. District of Columbia National Guard (DC-NG) for many years until 1972. Based at Fort Belvoir, VA.

51-16532 Nevada NG.

51-16532 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 14-Mar-1974 to 19-Jul-1974. PCN Product Control Number UD050

164524 / 22 US Navy. Test Pilots School, NATC Patuxent River, MD. Reported derelict at Patuxent River, to be broken up/used for spares.

N90721 (1) North Carolina Department Natural and Economic Resources, Raleigh, NC. Regd 16-Aug-1974. On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990 & 01-Oct-1994.

N90721 (1) USDA Forest Service (FEPP), Clayton, NC. Regd 24-Apr-1995.

Accident: Fayetteville, NC, 16-Mar-1994. Pilot sustained injuries. No NSTB record.

N90721 (1) Canx 16-Aug-1995 following accident. Wreck to Ely, MN.

• Now at Ely Municipal Airport - KELO, MN (since 2012). To be auctioned on 30-Nov-2022 by GSA Auctions. Reported by them as s/n 51-16532.


• No longer owned by USFS. Auctioned off Nov-2022.

Status unknown

USAF History

51-16532 was made available on 09-Jul-1952 and accepted on 14-Jul-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command at Donaldson AFB., SC., where it was assigned to the 64th Troop Carrier (Medium) Group on 19-Jul-1952 until re allocated on 22-Jul-1952 to the 4th Liaison Squadron.

In preparation for transportation to Europe it was assigned to the Air Material Command and the 2847th Transportation Control Depot (TPC) Wing at Newark NJ from 13-Dec-1952. It arrived in Germany at Neubiberg and was assigned to Air Force Europe from 23-Jan 1953 being initially allocated to the 86th Fighter Bomber Wing at Neubiberg remaining until 18-Feb-1953. It was then allocated to the 85th Air Depot Wing at Erding until 16-Mar-1953 after which it moved to the 4th Liaison Squadron at Furstenfeldbeck where it remained until 01-Feb-1954.

The aircraft then moved to Landstuhl and the 7030th Headquarters Group staying until 20-Sep-1954 before departing to Toul – Rosiers. The record card shows the Unit as 526th TCT Group and allocated between 20-Sep-1954 until 29-Apr-1955 but it has not been possible to trace the designation of the unit and there is nothing resembling it recorded at Toul although it might refer to a unit associated with the engineers constructing the airfield infrastructure.

The next confirmed allocation is to the 50th Fighter Bomber Wing between 29-Apr-1955 and 16-Jul-1955 which was assembled at Hahn, Germany. The aircraft stayed in Germany with a move to the 66th Reconnaissance Training Wing based at Sembach and then returned to the 50th at Hahn on 07-Feb-1956. This unit was slated to be based at Toul-Rosiers from 1955 but the airfield was unable to accommodate the jets involved and hence the initial allocation to Hahn. Subsequently it was decided that the unit was too vulnerable to attack from the air and accordingly the Beaver only moved to Toul to support the unit on 01-Jul-1956.

Emblem of 50th Fighter Bomber Wing

A period of maintenance was next on the agenda as it went to the Aermacchi facility at Vergiate in Northern Italy where it remained between 24-Jan-1957 & 15-May-1957. It returned to active service at Toul and the 50th FB Wing with unit being re designated as a Tactical Fighter Wing with the arrival of F-100 Super Sabres from 08 Jul-1958. We next find the aircraft at the Châteauroux Air Depot with the 3131st Air Repair (ARP) Squadron between 05-Dec-1958 and 23-Dec-1958. At this stage there is no known reason for this allocation. It returned to Toul with the 50th FB Wing until 15-Dec-1957 and then moved to Hahn with the same unit.