C-FSDY at Labine Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Andre Labine © c.10 August 2022 - Aird Archives
C-FSDY at home base CPN6.
Photos: Kenneth I Swartz © 18 July 2019
C-FSDY looking and sounding great, at CPN6.
Photo: Kenneth I Swartz © 29 July 2017
C-FSDY at Marquette Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Michael Fortin © 14 May 2017
C-FSDY progressing with Lauzon.
Photos: Nick Jackson © 03 July 2011
The former N64273 in outside storage at Prince Albert, SK.
Photos: Neil Aird © 16 September 2003
N64273 at Wasilla, Alaska.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © May 1987
55-0681 with 210th G.P.F. - 7th Artillery at Ansbach AAF.
Photo: Robin A. Walker © 24 June 1970
55-0681 at Hannover, Germany.
Photo: Unknown photographer © November 1967 - Robin A. Walker Collection
55-0681 at Düsseldorf - Lohausen, Germany.
Photos: Günter Grondstein © 1962


55-0681 • N64273



55-0681 US Army # 1583. L-20 No. 584. Command A-7. Delivered Jun-1956. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962. Subsequently converted to RU-6A.

55-0681 Served with 210th G.P.F. – 7th Artillery in Germany. Ca.Jun-1970.

55-0681 For sale Coleman Barracks, Mannheim-Sandhofen, Germany. Seen 28-Aug 1972.

Total time: 4,247 hrs.

N64273 Henry Nosek dba . Willow, AK. Regd Feb-1978.

N64273 Rainbow King Lodge Inc., Iliamna, AK. Regd Jul-1984. Regd 27-Feb-1987. Canx 21-Feb 1996

Accident: Iliamna, AK. 31-Aug-1989. Pilot aborted a takeoff from a gravel bar after wheels hit a soft spot. Before-aircraft could be stopped it hit a ditch. The left main landing gear collapsed and left wing hit the ground. Pilot and three passengers uninjured. NTSB report ANC89LA154

Accident: Iliamna, AK 31-Aug-1993. Whilst on a flight from Iliamna to a strip at Stuyhoka the pilot on seeing a moose decided to show his passengers. The aircraft stalled whilst close to ground and crashed. Pilot and two passengers seriously injured and three passengers received fatal injuries. NTSB report ANC93FA161

N64273 Removed from register 14-Jan-1998 as destroyed.

C-FSDY Imported to Canada in 1998.

Note: Noted at Prince Albert, SK, 16-Sep-2003 partially rebuilt. Stored outside Elite Aero. Still in same state in May 2006.

C-FSDY Gillam Air Services (1985) Ltd., Gillam, MB. Regd 29-May-2008. Canx 02-Dec-2009

C-FSDY Lauzon Aviation Company Ltd., Blind River, ON. Regd 02-Dec-2009 & 16-Jan-2012.

Note: Jan-2011 On rebuild by Reino & Raymond Makela of Lauzon Aviation at Algoma Mills, ON.

• Completed and active once again.