XP809 at Prestwick - EGPK, Scotland.
Photo: Lewis Grant © 12 October 1971 - Aird Archives
XP809 at Dusseldorf on the main ramp.
Photo: Günter Grondstein ©  1970




• de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield. Delivered 06-Apr-1961 to Hawarden, Chester via Liverpool Docks. First flight, 13-Jun-1961.

XP809 Delivered to AAC. 21-Jun-1961.

12 Flt. Wildenrath, Germany

Renamed 31 Flight, Royal Army Service Corps (RASC), 16-Nov-1964 at Wildenrath, Germany.

Renamed 131 Flight, Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) at Wildenrath May-1965.

Renamed 669 Aviation Squadron RCT 01-Jun-1971 at Wildenrath

Incident: On the return leg of a flight Dusseldorf-Kristiansand-Dusseldorf on 21-Apr-1972 the aircraft suffered a piston failure and landed at Torp in Norway. A new engine was brought up from Wildenrath and changed in Norway on 26 & 27Apr-1972. The crew was Lt T J Daly, BEM, AAC and Sgt N O’Brien BEM AAC.

Accident: Struck two trees and crashed on take-off from Munsterlager Military Training Area after the wrong flap setting was selected. Pilot Capt J.E. Ball and the passenger escaped uninjured. Written off following forced landing. 07-Dec-1973.

Fate Unknown