C-GHMS at Piché Dubuisson Water Aerodrome CTA5, Val d'Or, QC.
Photo: Jean-Philippe Richard © 01 August 2014
C-GHMS on roll out at Val d'Or, after extensive mods.
Photo: Simon Slater © 03 May 2012
C-GHMS docked on Lac Figuery, Québec.
Photos: Chris Coates © 03 October 2007
N67667 with some de-mobbed buddies at Kenmore.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © July 19893 - Michael J. Ody Collection
51-16846 posing air-to-air
Photo: Bombardier- DHC © May 1954 - Image 731 - 0554


51-16846 • N67667 (1)



51-16846 US Army #1205. L-20 No: 206. Available 23-Oct-1952. Accepted 03-Nov-1952. Delivered 05-Nov-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16846 Passed to USAF on 18-Apr-1955. Further details unknown.

51-16846 Illinois ANG.

51-16846 Stored at MASDC, Davis Monthan AFB.,., AZ. Feb-1972 – 06-Feb-1976. Inventory code HS112.

Note: Purchased by Hillcrest at the Davis Monthan auction sale on 29-Jan-1976 for US$24,000. Total time 6,258.9 hrs. Engine 4,117.9hrs. Sold as providing “no reasonable potential for normal certification”. Comments at sale include: Wing data plate and aircraft is complete.

N67667 (1) Hillcrest Aircraft, Lewiston, ID. Regd 06-Feb-1976.

N67667 (1) Temsco Helicopters Inc., Ketchikan, AK. Regd 17-Apr-1985.

Accident: Ketchikan, AK. 10-Jan-1989. Pilot attempting to land on calm water following a three minute positioning flight. On landing left float dug into water which resulted in a swerve and right wing contacted water. Pilot and passenger uninjured. Aircraft received substantial damage. NTSB report SEA89LA033

N67667(1) Taquan Air Service Inc., Ketchikan, AK. Regd 14-Dec-1992.

Accident: Ketchikan, Alaska. 12-Mar-1993. The pilot in command attempted a wheel takeoff from an area used for a seaplane pullout ramp. Witnesses said they had not seen a wheel plane attempt takeoff from that spot in three years. The available takeoff distance was approximately 500 feet. The aircraft struck a single story generator building, shearing off a horizontal stabilizer. The aircraft continued one mile to Ketchikan International Airport and landed without incident. NTSB report ANC93LA043.

N67667 (1) De regd 16-Dec-1998. Canx 18-Sep-2000.

C-GHMS Imported into Canada 2000.

C-GHMS Avionerie Amos Ltée., Amos, QC. Regd 17-Oct-2000. Canx 08-Aug-2005.

C-GHMS Timmins Forest Products Ltd., South Porcupine, ON. Based Amos, Quebec. Regd 08-Aug-2005 & 14-Nov-2005. Canx 28-Jul-2011.

C-GHMS René Hardy, Val d’Or, Quebec & Benoit Côté, Landrienne, QC. Based Val d’Or. Regd 28-Jul-2011.

C-GHMS René Hardy, Val d’Or, QC., & Dominic Hardy, Val d’Or, QC. Regd 07-Oct-2015.

Note: Alaska door fitted between Dec-2011 and 03-May-2012 when rolled out.