N314HA gets gas on Juneau Pond.
Photo: Christopher O'Brien © 07 September 2021
N314HA leaving next morning.
Photo: Christopher O'Brien © 08 September 2021
N314HA back up at Wolf Lake - 4AK6, Palmer.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 09 June 2016
N314HA looking better, at Lake Hood, Anchorage.
Photo: Fred Wallis © 30 October 2015
N314HA stored at Wolf Lake - awaiting decisions.
Photo: Dave Jones © 05 June 2014
N314HA at her home base.
Photo: Helge Nyhus © Slide processed September 2006 - Aird Archives
Photo: C. J. Mak © - Aird Archives
N314HA awaiting the snow to leave.
Photo: Rich Hulina © May 2005
N314HA at Anchorage for the winter.
Photo: Derek Linder © October 2001
N31068 on a beach at Hog Island Bay.
Photos: Sebastiaan H. Lindenkamp © March 1998 - Aird Archives
N31068 with VIMS at Newport News (KPHF), Virginia.
Photo: Marc Pagan © October 1993
N31068 with USNTPS.
Photo: Jay Sherlock © September 1976 - Aird Archives
54-1720 in Army fatigues.
Photo: Leo J. Kohn © Date unknown - Ian M. Macdonald Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © date unknown - Hendrik J. van Broekhuizen Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © - Robin A. Walker Collection


54-1720  N31068



54-1720 US Army #1563. L-20 No. 564. Command A-6. Delivered 10-Feb-1956. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N31068 United States Navy Test Pilots School, Patuxent River NAS, VA. Regd Jan-1976.

Note: Also shown as US Navy Lessor, Naval Air Systems Command, Washington, DC.

* See additional information at the very end of this page.

N31068 Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester Point, VA. On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990 & 01-Oct-1994.

Airworthiness date: 26-Jul-1999.

N314HA Soldotna Aircraft & Equipment Leasing LLC., Soldotna, AK. Regd 30-Nov-1999. Operated by N314HA High Adventure Air Guides and Outfitters at Aug-2012. High Adventur Air Charter, Guides & Outfitters Inc (DBA: High Adventure Air Charter).

Accident: Big River Lake, Kenai Peninsula, AK 25-Aug-2012. The pilot of a float-equipped airplane was landing at a remote lake. The pilot stated that he was in a left base to final turn when the left float struck the ground near Big River Lake enroute to Redoubt Bay Lodge, Alaska. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the wings and fuselage and one of the six passengers onboard received minor injuries. ANC12CA092

N314HA Regn cancelled 14-Nov-2012.

• Stored at Wolf Lake - 4AK6, Alaska. (Jun-2014).

• Noted at Lake Hood, Anchorage 30-Oct-2015 "all together again". Registration being held.

• Registered 05-Feb-2016.

N314HA Aerowork Inc., Anchorage, AK. Regd 11-Mar-2016. (?)

N314HA Backcountry Air LLC., Wasilla, AK. Regd 03-Mar-2016.



Photo: Newspaper clipping - via Fred Wallis
The technical paper, from which above photo was taken is very extensive and would take up ten pages here! Below is a short newsletter clip of interest.
Via Abe Delnore