c/n 159

51-16754 at A-805 Taegu, South Korea.
51-16754 with Sp/5 Tom C. Barnhill
51-16754 (third from top) with some associates, at Taegu.
Photo: via Tom Barnhill © 1966 - 1967
51-16754 with some of the crew.
Photos: via Tom Barnhill © 1966 - 1967
51-16754 soldiering in Korean theatre.
51-16754 sharing ramp space with Marines Douglas AD-4 Skyraider, Cessna L-19 Bird Dog and Ryan L-17C Navion
Photo: Bruce Best © Aird Archives.

c/n 159



Note: Initially was to have been painted as 51-16468, which was to be an Air Force allocation, and which actually went onto c/n 217.

51-16754 US Army #1005. L-20 No: 6 Command A-2. Delivery date unknown. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16754 Operated in Korea based at A-805 Army Field.

Accident: Lost on 11-Nov-1967.

Total time at date of accident. 6,004 hrs

Fate Unknown