N7620 serving in Alaska.
Photo: John P. Stewart © August 1972 - Jay Sherlock Collection
CF-SCI on display at the Reading Air Show.
Photo: Roger Besecker © 04 June 1965 - Steve Miller Collection
CF-SCI visits Montréal.
Photo: Norman Eastaff © 1965 - Janic Geelen Collection
CF-SCI as DHC demonstrator.
Photo: © William T. Larkins  





CF-SCI de Havilland Aircraft Canada. Turbo Beaver Demonstrator. Delivered 20-Jan-1965.

N7620 ERA Helicopters Inc., Anchorage, AK. Regd Jun-1969.

Accident: Prudhoe Bay, AK. 13-Apr-1970. Aircraft had been experiencing engine problems and on take off from Flaxman Island failed to abort a take off because of problems and hit top of a snow bank and damager right ski. Pilot continued to Prudhoe Bay where landing gear collapsed. Substantial damage to aircraft. Pilot and two passengers uninjured. NTSB report ANC70AA070.

Accident: Anaktuvuk, AK. 13-Aug-1974. While operated by Merric Aviation on a VFR flight, the aircraft hit obscured high grounds in controlled flight in adverse weather conditions. Pilot tried to fly through obscured mountain pass, attempted to turn out and hit ground. Aircraft destroyed. Pilot and three passengers killed. Repaired but written off after further accident. Canx Nov-1986. NTSB report ANC75AA010.

• N7620 Merrick Aviation. Circa 1974.

N7620 Calvin D. Harper, Lafayette, LA. Regd May-1975.

N7620 Professional Air Services Inc. Regd 14-Nov-1975.

N7620 Calvin D. Harper. Regd May-1976. Canx 12-Dec-1979 after accident. (? Regn date pre PAS).

N7620 ERA Helicopters Inc., Anchorage, AK. Canx Nov-1986.

Status unknown