F-OAKK in service at Tan Son Nhut.
Photo: John Bessette © 21 July 1968 - via Tom Singfield
F-OAKK in the snow at Vancouver South.
Photo: Joun Kimberley © Jnuary 1991
Seen through a window, F-OAKK hangs patiently
at Pacific Aircraft Salvage. No one around !
Photo: Neil Aird ©  May 2001
F-OAKK down off the roof and heading to a new owner.
Photos: Neil Aird © October 2002
After all these years, I finally get introduced to F-OAKK !
Photo: Bill Hann © October 2002





F-OAKK Air Carrier Service Corp. Delivered 24-Jul-1951.

F-OAKK Ste. Indochinn-Plantations d’Heveas, Saigon, South Vietnam. Regd 22-Feb-1952

Note: The aircraft was donated to the French Red Cross and abandoned during the early days of the Vietnam War, just before the battle of Dien Bien Phu Circa 1954. It subsequently became an exhibit in a museum in Hanoi for a while. I often wonder if this was VN-C120? See the Enigma page.

F-OAKK Hang Khong Viet Nam- Air Viet Nam. Possibly canx 18-Jul-1994.

Note:  Stored Pacific Aircraft Salvage, Vancouver from Circa 1994. Documentation missing; hung from rafters earmarked as Al Beauleau’s “retirement project” – that never happened! Sold on.

C-FZDY David Younger, Surrey, BC. Regd 05-Dec-2002.

Stored for future rebuild