C-FGYK parked at Lac Sébastian, QC.
Photos: Neil Aird © 12 April 2006
C-FGYK at Sioux Lookout.
Photo: © Rich Hulina
C-FGYK on the St. François river, Drummondville, QC.
Photo: © Neil Aird  
C-FGYK at Vancouver - CYVR.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © October 1986
C-FGYK at East Vancouver Harbour/ Airspan SPB.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 30 December 1977
CF-GYK over the Richardson Mountains.
Photo: Malcolm Dennington © 1972 - Bob Cameron Collection
CF-GYK at Shell Lake, near Inuvik, when with Trans North.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1972 - Bob Cameron Collection
CF-GYK at Hutshi Lake, Yukon.
Photo: Bob Cameron © 1971 - Bob Cameron Collection
CF-GYK in service with Great Northern Airways.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Circa 1968-69 - Bob Cameron Collection
CF-GYK recovery pictures.
Photos: Gordon Cameron © 1959 - Bob Cameron Collection
CF-GYK when brand new, at Dawson.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1951 - Bob Cameron Collection





Certificate of Airworthiness #2484 issued 23-May-1951.

CF-GYK E. P. Callison operating as Callison’s Flying Service, Dawson City, YT. Certificate of Registration #10175 issued 23-May-1951. Delivered 06-Jun-1951.

CF-GYK Connolly Dawson Airways, Dawson City, YT. Late 1956.

Accident: 22miles NW of Ross River on the Pelly River. 09-Jul-1959. After landing on the Pelly River the aircraft suffered loss of directional control due to suspected failure of float brace wire fitting. It was found that the float undercarriage had collapsed on one side and the fuselage appeared to be twisted. No injuries reported.

Note: The recovery of the aircraft following the above accident ("The Mayor & Me") is related in Denny McCartney’s book “Picking up the Pieces”. A really great read!

Later flown out on wheels by Gordon Cameron .

CF-GYK Great Northern Airways Ltd., Calgary, AB. Regd Dec-1967. Canx Apr-1969.

CF-GYK International Jet Air Inc., Whitehorse, YT. Regd by Jun-1971 Canx prior to C of A dated 22-Jun-1973.

CF-GYK Trans North Turbo Air 1971, Whitehorse, YT. Regd by Jun-1972. Canx prior to Certificate of Airworthiness dated 20-Apr-1978.

Accident: Pinuicula Lake, North of Mayo YT. 22-Mar-1974. Power was used for a gradual descent to land on the ice covered lake. The aircraft skipped once and then landed and ran up onto the shore and into trees.  Substantial damage to aircraft and pilot uninjured. Sold as Insurance wreck and rebuilt

C-FGYK Plaza Auto Sales, Vancouver, BC. Regd prior to C of A dated 20-Apr-1978. Regn format changed prior to 30-Sep-1977. Canx prior to C of A dated 20-Apr-1979

C-FGYK Haida Airways, Campbell River, BC. Regd prior to c of a dated 20-Apr-1979.

C-FGYK Air BC Ltd., Vancouver, BC. On CCAR as at May-1981..

C-FGYK Air Nootka, Tahsis / Gold River, BC. Canx 05-Dec-1984 & 27-Jun-1986.

C-FGYK Service Aérien Drummond, Drummondville, QC. Regd 30-Apr-1987. Canx 30-Apr-1998.

Total time 21,634.3hrs in 1998

C-FGYK Air Saguenay (1980) Inc., Chicoutimi, QC. Regd 30-Apr-1998. Canx 02-Jun-1999.

C-FGYK Watson’s Algoma Vacations Ltd. Doing business as Watson’s Skyways of Wawa, ON. Regd 02-Jun-1999. Canx 31-Jul-2001.

C-FGYK Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd., Pine Falls, MB. Regd 09-Aug-2001. Canx 07-Nov-2001.

C-FGYK Cargaire Ltee, St Hubert, QC. Regd 10-Jan-2002. Canx 25-Aug-2003.

C-FGYK Northern Dene Airways, Prince Albert, SK. Regd 25-Aug-2003. Canx 22-Nov-2005.

C-FGYK Machinerie St. Pierre, Sullivan, QC. Regd 25-Apr-2006. Canx 11-Jan-2007.

C-FGYK Nordair Québec 2000 Inc., Radisson, QC. Regd 30-Jan-2007, 09-Jul-2007, 17-Jul-2007, 12-Jan-2009.

Note: Jul-2007. Still marked with “Adventure” and Northern Dene markings.

C-FGYK Logistique Opti-Nord Inc., Radisson, QC. Regd 12-Jan-2009. Canx 04-Feb-2009.

C-FGYK Nordair Québec 2000 Inc., Radisson, QC. Regd 04-Feb-2009. Based Aeroport La Grande, QC.  Canx 14-Oct-2011.

Accident: Grande Rivière, QC. 24-Jul-2010. Shortly after takeoff from St. Basile le Grande, pilot encountered engine problem. He elected to return but the aircraft stalled and crashed in a swampy area located 1,700 metres from the airport. Pilot and one passenger were killed. Three other occupants were seriously injured.

C-FGYK Logistique Opti-Nord Inc., Radisson, QC. Regd 14-Oct-2011. Based Val d’Or, QC. Canx 09-Dec-2011.

C-FGYK Pierre D’André, St. Basile le Grand, QC. Regd 09-Dec-2011. Rebuild candidate? Maybe stored?

Status unknown