ZK-BBX popping into view at Te Mata.
Photo:Lenn Bayliss © 27 October 2010
Photos: Neil Aird © 27 October 2010
ZK-BBX performs at "Wings over Wairarapa" at Masterton.
Photo: Allister Jenks © 18 January 2008 - via Graeme Mills
ZK-BBX on the front lawn at home.
Photos: Lenn Bayliss © 08 April 2007
ZK-BBX owned by Jim Frogley, shown here at Wanaka.
Photo: Colin Hunter © 14 April 2006
ZK-BBX in the late 1990's
Photo: Neville Worsley © late 1990's - Graeme Mills / Kiwibeavers Colletion
ZK-BBX still working away.
Photo: Unknown photographer © April 1998 - Aird Archives
ZK-BBX at Hastings.
Photo: Don Noble © 15 January 1998 - Graeme Mills / Kiwibeavers Collection
ZK-BBX at Wanaka.
Photo: Don Noble © 16 April 1996 - Graeme Mills / Kiwibeavers Collection
ZK-BBX with spray gear at Havelock.
Photo: Don Noble © 28 November 1993 - Graeme Mills / Kiwibeavers Collection
VH-IDR (3) of Western Aerial at Derrinallum.
Photo: Gordon Reid © Aird Archives
VH-IDR at Derrinallum base, Victoria.
VH-IDR does water bombing in the Grampians National Park, Victoria.
Above three photos - via Todd Miller.
VH-IDR at Derrinallum, Victoria.
Photo: KKK © 24 December 1989 - Geoff Goodall Collection - AustAirData
VH-IDR at Bankstown for some attention, and awaiting powerplant.
Photo: Alan Flett © August 1989
VH-IDR at Cooma, New South Wales.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © c.1988
ZK-BBX wearing, in New Zealand fashion, only the "last three".
Photo: JF © April 1987 - Aird Archives
Photo: © Frank Wright
ZK-BBX gets a wash at Gisborne.
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © January 1986
ZK-BBX with Vaughan Wilson in command.
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 1985
ZK-BBX in 1981
Photo: Unknown photographer © September 1981 - via Tom Singfield / Aird Archives
ZK-BBX at Rukuhia (Hamilton) airport.
Photo: Peter Lewis © 05 November 1977
ZK-BBX early in her career.
Photo: Eddie Coates © 1953





No regn de Havilland Aircraft New Zealand. Delivered 22-Aug-1952.

ZK-BBX Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne, NZ. Regd 24-Nov-1952. First flight in New Zealand -1953. Del. 14-Jan-1953.

Accident: Otoko, 19-May-1955. Pilot N. Marshall. Other details unknown.

Accident: Elsthorpe. 13-May-1967. Pilot N. R. Kinvig. Details unknown.

ZK-BBX Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. Regd 18-Nov-1980.

Accident: Mangaone Nr Eketahuna. 02-Mar-1981. Pilot G. T. Keith. Details unknown.

ZK-BBX Fieldair Holdings Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. Regd 30-Mar-1984. Canx 26-Sep-1988.

Note. Flown across Tasman Sea via Norfolk Island in Sep-1988 to Canberra, ACT. Returned across Tasman Sea on 05-Jun-1993.

Note: Painted up as ZK-BDI for the making of a film in 1986.

VH-IDR (3) M. Rye, Duffy, NSW. dba Agpro Aviation. Regd 04-Nov-1988.

VH-IDR (3) Western Aerial Crop Spraying & Spreading Pty., Derrinallum, VIC. Regd 1989. Canx 10-Sep-1993.

Accident: "Woodend" 15 Km East of Cooma NSW, 4 May 1989. The aircraft was engaged in spreading gypsum on pasture. The pilot reported that during the third take-off run of the morning, the engine failed just prior to lift off. The fuel selector was positioned to the rear fuel tank and there was insufficient time to select the front fuel tank and restore fuel supply to the engine. The pilot was unable to stop the aircraft and it ran through a fence and a deep ditch beyond the end of the strip, causing damage to the right wing, right undercarriage and tailplane. The pilot reported that the aircraft had been refuelled the night before by other persons, but not to full tanks. The fuel gauges were inaccurate and the rear tank had actually been almost empty. In addition, the audible low fuel warning was not operational. This accident was not the subject of an on-site investigation. Investigation Number:198902552.

ZK-BBX Jim Neil Wallace Frogley, Havelock North, NZ. Trading as Astro Air. Restored 13-Sep-1993.

Accident: 28-Oct-2017. Pilot okay. Airframe damaged.

ZK-BBX Auckland Seaplanes Limited, Auckland, NZ. Regd 10-Jun-2018.

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