N456N departs Eagle Nook Resort, B.C.
Photo: Neil Aird © 15 July 2015
N456N on the ramp at Renton.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 21 November 2011
N456N arrives at Kenmore for documentary work.
N456N on the ramp at Renton after my hop from Kenmore.
Photos: Neil Aird © 07 June 2007
N456N departing Victoria - CYYJ, for home.
Photo: Neil Aird © 20 October 2002
Little did I know it, I would get to drive N456N in 2007!
Photos: Neil Aird © 19 October 2002
N456N at home on Lake Washington, Bellevue, WA.
Photo: John N. Nordstrom © 21 September 2000
VH-IDH at Parafield - YPPF.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 16 May 1984 - Danny Tanner Collection - AusAirData
VH-IDH at Millicent - YMCT, South Australia.
Photo: KKK © June 1983 - Geoff Goodall Collection - AusAirData
VH-IDH in her final Aussie livery, without and with spinner.
Photo: Unknown photographer © August 1982 - Paul van den Elsaker Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Greg Banfield © c.1970's Ed Coates Collection
VH-IDH devoid of titles.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Lenn Bayliss Collection
VH-IDH minus gear at Parafield - YPPF, South Australia.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 10 June 1972 - Aird Archives
VH-IDH doing geosurvey work with McPHAR, a leading company involved in Airborne geophysical surveys.
Photo: John Hopton © p1236-0127
VH-IDH at Kalgoorlie.
Photo: Geoff Goodall © 1970 - Ed Coates Collection
VH-IDH with Robby's, at Parafield.
Photo: Richard J. Maclean © date unknown - Ed Coates Collection
VH-IDH at Moorabbin.
Photo: Geoff Goodall © May 1964 - Ed Coates Collection





Delivered to Hawker de Havilland Australia 14-Nov-1963.

VH-IDH Aviation Industries Pty., Ltd. Regd 14-Feb-1964. Canx 21-Feb-1975. Restored 31-Mar-1977. Canx 10-Nov-1984.

VH-IDH McPhar Geophysics Ltd., (P/E). Canx-10-Nov-1984 Following accident.

Accident: 21km North of Barham, NSW, 10-Nov-1984. Whilst commencing a rice seeding flight, at a height of approximately 50 feet after take-off the engine suddenly lost all power. The pilot was able to glide the aircraft over several drainage banks, two fences and an irrigation canal but a high rate of descent developed and the aircraft landed heavily and overturned. Fire broke out and the central section of the fuselage was burnt out. The pilot the sole occupant received minor injuries. The investigation was hampered by the extent of fire damage and the cause of the loss of engine power was not positively established. Incident Report 198401419.

N456N Kenmore Air Harbour Ltd., Kenmore, WA. Regd Dec-1991.

Note: Kenmore conversion.

Note: Baron STOL conversion.

Airworthiness date: 20-Dec-1991 Category – Normal.

N456N J. W. Limited, Seattle, WA. Regd 06-Jan-1992.

Note: Attended Beaver Out of Production Conference meet at Victoria, BC 18-20-Oct-2002.