VH-AUH progressing well, next wing on shortly.
Photo: Lance Higgerson © 20 July 2015
VH-AUH on long term rebuild at Bankstown.
Photos: Neil Aird © 01 November 2010 (more below)
VH-AAK at Bombala, New South Wales.
Photos: Lenn Bayliss © May 1987
VH-AAK at Bankstown.
Photo: Alan Flett © March 1986
Photo: Alan Flett © March 1984
VH-AAK at Moorabbin.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 14 September 1975 - Ian MacFarlane Collection
VH-AAK at Melbourne's Moorabbin.
Photo: Unknown photographer © August 1980 - W. F. Collection
VH-AAK operating with Aerial Agriculture.
Photo: DHC © date unknown - (Print 14421)
VH-AAK at Goulburn, N.S.W.
Photos: Unknow photographer © 12 February 1967

via Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia

9M-ALS with 9M-ALW (146) and dog, at Darwin, NT.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1960 - Aird Archives
VR-RBS "Chamar" with Federation Air Service.
Photo: Zoggavia © Paul Zogg Collection
VR-RBS at Paya Lebar.
Photo: Peter Keating © 11 October 1955 - Aird Archives - aflyinghistory.com
Photo: Peter Keating © 1955 - Ken Tilley Collection





VR-RBS Government of Malaysia. Delivered 27-Jul-1951.

VR-RBS Federation Air Service, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Circa. Mar-1952.

VR-RBS Malayan Airways, Kallang. Took over Federation on 01-Mar-1958.

9M-ALS Malayan Airways, Kallang. Re-regd Jan-1959. Canx 17-Mar-1961.

VH-AAK Air Agriculture Services Pty., Bankstown, NSW. Trading as Aerial Agriculture Pty.Regd 01-Jul-1960.  Canx 13-Dec-1982 as w.f.u.

VH-AAK C. E. McCarthy, Bombala, NSW. Trading as Kialla Partnership Pty., / Aerial Spreading. Restored to Register. 13-Mar-1984.

VH-AAK Kialla Partnership /Aerial Spreading. Circa. May-1987.

Accident Nimmitabel, NSW. 31-Oct-1988. On a spreading flight out of Nandawar Airstrip hit powerline and crashed. Pilot and owner, Clarry McCarthy was killed.

VH-AUH Details unknown. Re-regd 07-Oct-1992.

VH-AUH Air Ag Services Pty., Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. Regd 09-Dec-1998. Regd 16-Feb-2006 under CASP 47.

Note: CASP 47 was a 2005 requirement by Australian Authorities for all aircraft to show registration details of both owners and, where appropriate, operators.

On long term rebuild

Airag Humour ;-)
Photos: Neil Aird © 01 November 2010