VH-AAX displaying her fine new form at Avalon, Victoria.
Photos: Nigel Hitchman © 03 March 2023 - Aird Archives
VH-AAX still operating as a jump-ship at Picton.
Photos: Graeme Mills © 10 January 2013
Photos: Michael Greenhill © 20 March 2011
VH-AAX flying jumpers at Picton, NSW.
Photos: Jim Smith © 12 October 2008
VH-AAX gets some fuel at Dubbo, NSW.
Photos: John Greenhill © October 2004 - via Michael Greenhill
VH-AAX captured by Lenn Bayliss at Deniliquin, NSW.
Photo:  ©  Lenn Bayliss
VH-AAX with some other markings applied.
Photo: Warwick Bigsworth © - via Lenn Bayliss
Photo: Lance Higgerson © Date unknown
Photo: www © Date unknown
VH-AAX at Sydney - Bankstown, NSW.
Photo above :  P1236-0042 (ZH448) : de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver : ain 1411 :
VH-AAX : 20 Sep (year unknown) at Bankstown, N.S.W. : S.W.P. Aircraft Engineering :
Note - fitted with an Airesearch TPE-331-61 engine ( © John Hopton )
Photo: Tom Meikle  ©  2002
Photo: Lenn Bayliss  ©  June 2002
VH-AAX at Kooralbin, Queensland.
"Wallaroo"  loads another batch of sky divers.
Pilot Rowly Hipwell keeps an eye on things.
VH-AAX with ex Short SC-7 Skyvan prop and engine.
Photos: Holly Hipwell © 2003
VH-AAX "Wallaroo 605" at Bankstown.
Photo: Alan Flett © December 1989
Photo: Alan Flett © May 1986
VH-AAX still as Ag machine.
Photo: Greg Banfield © November 1982 - Aird Archives
Photo: Greg Banfield © November 1982 - Eddie Coates Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1975 - Archival image.
Photo: Greg Banfield © May 1975 - Eddie Coates Collection
VH-AAX at Armidale, NSW.
Photo: Alan Flett © September 1974 - Aird Archives
VH-AAX in early Air Ag colours at Darwin.
Photo: Unknown photographer S.P. © November 1966 - Aird Archives
VH-AAX at Wagga Wagga - YSWG, N.S.W.
Photo: Kurt Finger © 24 November 1960
VH-AAX gets our attention !
Photo: de Havilland Canada - Bombardier © DHC Print 14418
VH-AAX Beaver and Bedford.
Photo: de Havilland Canada - Bombardier © DHC Print 14425
Photo: Greg Banfield © January 1965 - Eddie Coates Collection
P1236-0011 : de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver -  ain 1411 -
VH-AAX - 18 Dec 64 at Bankstown, N.S.W. - operated Aerial Agriculture Pty., Ltd.
(Photo: © John Hopton)




• De Havilland Australia. Registered 30-Aug-1960. Delivered 21-Mar-1960.

VH-AAX Aerial Agriculture, Bankstown, NSW. wfu May 1967.

VH-AAX S. W. P. Aircraft Engineering, Bankstown, NSW. Restored 1969 until Feb-1971.

Note: Turbo conversion with Garrett TPE 331-1961 possibly from a Shorts Skyvan. and designated DHC-2/A1, in 1968, together with a new tail perhaps by SWP Aircraft Engineering. Also named “Walleroo 605”

VH-AAX Aerial Agriculture, Bankstown, NSW. Restored Mar-1973. Canx 13-Dec-1982 as wfu..

Note: Reported as restored with Wasp Jr engine Mar 1973.

VH-AAX Aviation Industries Pty., Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. Restored 1986.

Accident: 31-Dec-1983. Crashed and restored 05-Sep-1986.

VH-AAX Erinfly Pty., Ltd., Caringbah, NSW. Based at Bankstown, New South Wales. Dates unknown.

Note Again restored with a turbine engine. Garrett Turbine Engine Co TPE331-2-201A

Incident: Sowerby, NSW. 26-Oct-1990. The aircraft was being ferried to a strip in the Hunter Valley to carry out parachute dropping. En route, although performance appeared normal, the pilot sensed a possible problem with the turbine engine and landed at Somersby. After landing, a visual inspection of the engine was undertaken and several ground runs carried out, without any defect being found. The pilot elected to return to Camden where further checks could be made. The aircraft took off towards the south and climbed to a height of about 1,000 feet, at which point the pilot heard a bang from the engine compartment which was followed soon after by a very loud bang associated with noises described by the pilot as like "forcing a crowbar into the engine". During the ensuing forced landing in fine, calm conditions, the pilot misjudged the final stage of the landing approach, resulting in the aircraft landing very heavily and sustaining considerable damage. A subsequent engineering investigation found the engine had suffered a catastrophic malfunction resulting from fatigue failure of a helical thrust washer from the high speed pinion assembly. The fatigue crack growth resulted from applied alternating loads, probably due to excessive wear of the helical gear shaft bearing. About one week prior to the flight, an engine oil sample and filter element had been removed in accordance with Airworthiness Directive AD/TPE 331/9. Although the samples had not been immediately sent for laboratory analysis, the owner was allowed to operate the engine for a further 50 hours before satisfactory test results were received. When the samples were examined during the investigation, particles were found which indicated bearing deterioration prior to the engine failure. Earlier in the year, the aircraft had sustained a propeller ground strike, resulting in the engine being re moved and returned to an overhaul facility for inspection. It has been reported that when the engine was re-installed in the aircraft, a torque meter calibration check was not carried out in accordance with the procedures published in the manufacturer's maintenance manual. Although not positively established, the mode of engine failure was consistent with an excessive torque setting. Investigation Number:199002017

VH-AAX Mobile Carpet Cleaning Factory Pty., Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. Regd. 16-Apr-1996. Re-regd under CASP 47 03-Jun-2006.

Note: Operated as a para jumping platform with special jump platforms (at least between 2004 & 2013.on each side of fuselage. P/E with Sydney Skydiving Centre markings.

• tt 15,925.1 hours (Aug-2018) Offered For Sale

• Noted undergoing major rebuild at Air Ag, Bankstown, NSW - Jun-2020.

Incident: Engine failure overhead Moruya Airport, NSW 04-Apr-2022. See final report below.

• tt 17,039.2 hours at time of engine failure 04-Apr-2022.

Details of forced landing (via Stewart Kedar) ATSB Report

Status unknown

* Thanks to additional notes from Greg Banfield and Eddie Coates.x