N83VR departs AirVenture 2022.
Photo: Nigel Hitchman © 29 July 2022
C-GJWU at Winnipeg / St. Andrews - CYAV, Manitoba.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 20 April 2018
C-GJWU float installation progresses - Note belly tank also fitted.
Photos: John Caswell © 29 June 2010
C-GJWU with doors on now.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 21 June 2010
C-GJWU just out of the paint shop.
Photos: Bob Kobzey © 17 June 2010
C-FPBJ (2) First Flight Day!
Photo: Bob Kobzey © 29 March 2010
C-FPBJ (2) almost complete.
Photo: Greg Koopman © 17 March 2010 - via Mark Blok
Photos: Dirk Septer © 07 January 2010
Photos: Mark Blok © 21 October 2009
N13VF with Andrews Airways in Alaska.
Photo: Erik Johanneson © 19 May 2002 - Aird Archives
VH-CEV at Tumut, New South Wales.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © Mid 1988
ZK-CRE all white.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Circa 1988 - John Rodger Collection - Aird Archives
ZK-CRE with tetrahedron spreader for high analysis fertiliser.
Photo: Bob Cranston © at Masterton 1983 - via Graeme Mills
ZK-CRE with Fieldair at Dannevirke, New Zealand.
Photo: René Biber © 10 November 1979
ZK-CRE with old style markings.
Photo: Unknown photographer © January 1975 - Aird Archives
ZK-CRE with even earlier markings, at Gisborne.
Photo: Don Noble © 15 November 1972 - Kiwi Beaver Collections
ZK-CRE at Gisborne, New Zealand.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 11 October 1969 - William Haines Collection - Aird Archives





Imported by Hawker de Havilland, New Zealand, Wellington. Delivered 21-Jan-1966. First flight 10-Jun-1966.

ZK-CRE Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne. Regd 13-Jun-1966.

ZK-CRE Fieldair Holdings, Palmerston North. Canx 07-Apr-1988.

Accident: Coonoor, near Dannevirke. NZ, 22-Nov-1981. Details unknown.

VH-CEV Hadlock Holdings, Tumut, NSW. Regd 11-Apr-1988. Canx 15-Jul-1998 on export to New Zealand.

ZK-CRE Wright Air, Tauranga. Circa 1998. Registration not worn.

Note: To Wright Air for repair / restoration. Likely that registration never worn again prior to sale in USA.

N13VF Andrew Airways Inc., Kodiak, AK. Regd 22-Sep-1999. Canx 06-Jul-2005 on export to Canada.

Accident: Viekoda Bay, Kodiak, AK. 29-Nov-2003. During an on-demand air taxi flight, the airline transport certificated pilot was preparing to land an amphibious float-equipped airplane near a cabin that was located on the shore of a coastal bay. A 10 to 15 knot wind was blowing from the bay toward the land, and the pilot decided to approach over land. As the airplane descended over a small creek bed, adjacent to a hill, the airplane encountered a downdraft, and descended rapidly. The left wing collided with alder trees which spun the airplane 180 degrees. The right wing and float assembly were torn off the airplane. The closest official weather observation station, located 30 miles away, was reporting calm wind. NTSB report ANC04LA010.

Total time; 14,953 hours at Nov 2003.

C-FPBJ Atlantic Aircraft Sales Ltd., Enfield, NS. Regd 05-Mar-2007.

Note: With Sealand Aviation Ltd., Campbell River, BC, awaiting rebuild as at Feb-2006. Rebuilt during 2010.

Note: For sale $470,000US. Zero-hour rebuild.

Mods include: Hartzell three-blade prop. Sealand extended cabin and AK door, wing tip fuel tanks, stainless steel elevator trim rods, Viking 5,600-lbs. gross weight upgrade kit and Wipaire centre bench seat.

C-GJWU Island Lake Trading Co., Ltd., Island Lake, MB. Regd 27-Apr-2010.

N83VR Nicholas Allen Gill, Kila, MT. Regd 19-Nov-2020.