LN-NCC travelling in Sweden.
Photos: Jvan Aeberli © 22 July 2017
LN-NCC heading home, at Groningen /Eelde - EHGG.
Photo: Kas van Zonneveld © 24 May 2016
LN-NCC back at Biscarosse, France.
Photo: Louis Stieger © 18 May 2016
LN-NCC at her Nesøya dock, Norway.
Photo: Jvan Aeberli © August 2015
LN-NCC at Vodochody - LKVO, Czech Republic.
Photo: Petr Štefl © 07 July 2014
LN-NCC performs at Wolfgangsee, Austria.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 05 July 2014
LN-NCC stops in at Antwerp - Duerne en route to Bordeaux.
Photo: Frank Clautier © 16 May 2012
LN-NCC at Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
Participant in 2011 Fermanagh Seaplane Festival.
Photos: Stuart Martindale © 24 September 2011
LN-NCC at beautiful Bönigen, Switzerland.
Photos: Neil Aird © 01-03 July 2011
LN-NCC at a wintery Notodden, Norway.
Photos: Arne Henriksen © 21 January 2011
N5CC over Lake of Brienze, Switzerland.
Photos Erich Gandet © 04 July 2010
N5CC touchdown at Biscarrosse, France.
Photos: © www.hydravion-biscarrosse.com
N5CC visits Maastricht-Aachen from Oslo.
Photo: Coert Munk © 17 May 2010
N5CC at her island summer home of Nesøya.
Photos: Tomm Lund © June 2009
N5CC after refurbishing by Wipaire - then to Norway!
Photos: Wipaire © 08 April 2009
N5CC at her new home in Santa Monica, California.
Photos: Alan Shapiro © 17 December 2007
N5CC makes a trip to 1996 Oshkosh Show.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 1996
N48229 possibly at Reid-Hillview airport - RHV, San Jose, CA.
Photo: Paul Stenner © early 1980's - Aird Archives
56-0414 with Delaware National Guard, at Wilmington.
Photo: Paul Goddard © 07 October 1974 - Aird Archives
56-0414 at Cam Ranh Bay, sporting 391st TFS "Thor's Hammer" insignia.
Photo: Norm Malayney © 1967
56-0414 at unknown location.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - from www.


56-0414 • L-205 • 56-0414 • N48229 • N123MC • N5CC



56-0414 US Army # 1747. L-20 No. 748. Command A-11. Delivered 12-Nov-1957.  Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

L-205 Air America, Vientiane, Laos. 01-Mar-1962 to Sep-1963.

Air America Service History: As L-205, 01-Mar-1962 leased from US Army for the Laotian Air Force / Air America. Aircraft arrived at Bangkok, Thailand, in crates on 15-Feb-1962, to be operated under the Madriver Contract AF62(531)-1674. On arrival it was assembled by Thai Airways and officially received at Bangkok on 01-March-1962. It was based at Vientiane, but maintained at Udorn. It was to be returned to the US Army in Oct-1962, but in fact returned on 21-Apr-1963 possibly via Kirkpatrick AFB., Further service details currently unknown, apart from the fact that it was sent to storage at Davis Monthan, where it remained from 13-Jan-1974 to 12-Jul-1975 before- being sold on the civil market.

Note: The original Jan-1962 Air America Inc., - Military Assistance Advisory Group Madriver contract was to support the Army White Star Special Forces included the services of seven U-6 Beavers. They were operating from and serviced at the Udorn Air Base near the 380-ac. munitions storage depot, code-named “Peppergrinder” located 5 mi. south of Udorn. In Oct-1962 this Beaver operation was completely withdrawn, to be replaced by Helio Couriers.

56-0414 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 13-Jan-1974 to 12-Jul-1975. PCN (Product Control Number) UD063.

N48229 Amigos Internationales Corp., Athens, TX. Regd Feb-1976-1977.

N48229 possibly in a Technical School in San Jose, CA. c 1978 - 1986.

N48229 Charles (“Cully”) W. Cullwell, Dallas, TX. Regd 11-Apr-1986 and 04-Nov-1986 On USCAR at 29-Feb-1992.

N123MC Cullwell & Son, Dallas, TX, Regd 31-Jul-1993.

N123MC Charles “Cully” W. Cullwell, Dallas, TX. Re-regd 24-Nov-1995. Canx 14-Dec-2007.

N5CC Charles “Cully” W. Cullwell, Dallas, TX. Re-regd 24-Nov-1995. Canx 14-Dec-2007.

N5CC ALS Aviation LLC.  Regd date unknown. Canx 02-Jan-2009.

N5CC Wipaire Inc., South St. Paul, MN. Regd date unknown. Canx 17-Apr-2009.

N5CC Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee, Houston, TX.

• Delivered mid May 2009 • Regd 22-Apr-2009. Canx 19-Nov-2010.

LN-NCC Cybrair AS., Nesøya, Norway. Regd 23-Dec-2010.

Accident: Rytterholmene, Kragerø, Norway, 10-Jun-2024 1700hrs local time. Overturned during a water landing. Pilot okay.

Status unknown