N67685 a couple of days later, different photographer.
Photo: Ron Kosys © 27 August 2017
N67685 landing back at W36 - Renton, WA.
Photo: Todd Boettcher © 25 August 2017
N67685 Campbell River Spit.
Photo: John Caswell © 23 July 2012
N67685 (2) departs April Point, BC.
Photos: Paul Beaver © 14 August 2009
N67685 (2) makes a stop at the Campbell River spit.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 04 August 2009
N67685 (2) with her pilot at Renton.
Photo: James Joyce © 04 August 2007
N67685 (2) departs Campbell River.
Photos: John Caswell © 31 July 2007
N67685 (2) at Renton, Washington.
Photos: Neil Aird © 07 June 2007
C-GCZC at Renton, WA.
Photo: Ian Wilson © 08 July 1998
C-GCZC with Air Rainbow, at Port MacNeill, BC.
Photo: Bill Hann © Summer 1999
Photos above and below: © Peter Kyle
N67685 (2) ramp bound.
Photo: John Kimberley © September 1988
N67685 (2) at Renton.
Photo: Glen Etchells © March 1987
N128WA docked at Ketchikan, Alaska.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 21 June 1982 - Aird Archives
N128WA heads in for a landing.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 1981
57-2578 out to pasture at Coleman Barracks.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 28 May 1972 - Ian MacFarlane Collection - Aird Archives

My thanks to Dennis for the research on the tail crest.

The 39th Engineer Group from Wiley Barracks, Neu-Ulm , West Germany. During my time in Europe all the Engineer companies had at least one Beaver as they were common and had a unique flash on the tail.  
I believe 57-2578 to have been an asset of 39th Engineering Group, Wiley Barracks (Kaserne), Neu-Ulm, West Germany, up until it was sold at Coleman Barracks.  The Bell UH-1 Iroquois was the end of the Beaver.

Dennis Newell.

57-2578 on the grass at Gatwick.
Photo: Peter Keating Collection © 13 August 1960 - Aird Archives
57-2578 at Gatwick.

DH104 Dove and DH89A Rapide for company.

Photo: Robin A. Walker © 13 August 1960


57-2578 • N7897 • N128WA • N67685 (2) • C-GCZC

N67685 (2)


57-2578 US Army # 1818. L-20 No. 819. Command A-13. Delivered 25-Jul-1958. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Noted active 09-Jun-1969 by author at Frankfurt / Rhein-Main AFB - EDAF, Germany.

57-2578 For sale Coleman Barracks, Mannheim-Sandhofen, Germany. Noted there 28-Aug-1972.

N7897 Details Unknown.

N128WA Webber Airlines Dates unknown (See N127WA and note).

N128WA South East Alaska Airlines, Ketchikan, AK (P/E) Circa 1981.

Note: Reportedly with Alaska Air Guides Circa 1986.

N67685(2) Northwest Seaplanes Inc., Renton, WA. Regd 14-Jun-1989 & at Dec-1995

N67685(2) Clyde E. Carlson, Seattle, WA. Dates unknown.

Note: Noted on FAA database as Webber Conversion (See N128WA). But since Dec 1995 as a Shawano conversion

C-GCZC Air Rainbow Mid Coast, Campbell River, BC. Regd 30-Jun-1998. Canx 22-Oct-2001.

C-GCZC Corilair Charters Ltd., Campbell River, BC. Regd 22-Oct-2001 Canx 19-Jun-2002.

N67685 (2) Northwest Seaplanes, Renton, WA. Regd. 05-Jul-2002.