S-4 55-3488 at Soesterberg.
Photo: IUnknown photographer © 26 May 1970 - John Mounce Collection - Aird Archives
S-4 performing at Deelen AFB.
Photo: Jan-Willem de Wijn © 30 June 1973 - Aird Archives
S-4 55-3488 at Ypenberg AFB.
Photo: Ian Macpherson © August 1966 - Steve Miller Collection
S-4 gets the offical wave off from Captain-at-sea-kite-observer P. van Waart.. Gilze-Rijn AFB.
Photos: Dutch Military Archive NIMH © 13 July 1961

Collectie Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie


55-3488 • S-4 • 55-3488 • FAP-0227



55-3488 US Army #1618. L-20 No. 619. Command A-8. Delivered 25-Jul-1956. Built as L-20A. Re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Note: Bought for $89,387.08 and loaned to Dutch government under Military Defence Aid Program.

S-4 On loan under Military Defence Assistance Programme to Koninklijke Luchtmacht / Royal Netherlands Air Force. Delivered on board SS American Trapper. 24-Nov-1956.

S-4 334 Transport Squadron, Valkenburg AFB., later Ypenburg AFB.

S-4 300 Squadron / GpLV at Deelen AFB., from 07-Oct-1966. Later Gilze-Rijen AFB., W.f.u. and struck off charge 01-Sep-1974. Stored at Depot Vliegtuig Materieel /  Royal Dutch Air Force Storage Compound. Sep-1974.and returned to US Army.

55-3488 Returned to USAREUR (US ARMY, Europe) 1974.

FAP-0227 Fuerza Aérea Paraguaya. Grupo Aéreo de Entrenamiento y Transporte, (GAET), Ñu Guazú AFB. Delivered 1975.

FAP-0207 Re-serialed. Fuerza Aérea Paraguaya. wfu and stored Ñu Guazú AFB., after retirement in 1988.

Fate unknown