C-FSDE on wheels, amongst the trees, at Parry Sound.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © 18 July 2019
C-FSDE sporting new paint, at CNK4 - Parry Sound, Ontario.
Photo: Lost name! © date unknown
C-FSDE outside again.
Photo: Steven Van Seggelen © 06 October 2008
C-FSDE still at CYYZ.
Photo: Steven Van Seggelen © 09 May 2008
C-FSDE in interim markings (I hope!).
Photo: Steven Van Seggelen © 17 August 2006
C-FSDE with duct tape markings at Toronto with Millardair C-54.
Photo: David Perston © 22 April 2006
C-FSDE at South Brook, Newfoundland.
Photo: Johnny Letto © October 2003
C-FSDE at Deadman's Pond, Newfoundland.
Photo: Stephen R. Peck © 03 November 1999
CF-SDE at Deadman's Pond, Gander, Newfoundland.
Photo: Barrie MacLeod © early 1970's





CF-SDE de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Downsview, ON. De Havilland Canada demonstrator. Delivered May-1965.

CF-SDE & C-FSDE Lundrigans Ltd., Corner Brook, NL. Regd at least prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 22-Apr-1970. Regn format changed prior to 31-Dec-1976. Canx 27-May-1982.

Accident: Unkmown location in NL 15-May-1967. Details unknown. Reported as destroyed by fire.

C-FSDE Newfoundland Labrador Air Transport Ltd., Corner Brook, NL. Regd 1982 and also 09-Jan-1991. Canx 24-May-1994.

Accident: Bennett, Red Bay, NL. Lat 51.44N, Long 56.62W 13-Apr-1984: the de Havilland Beaver landed and back tracked on the unlicensed 1500-foot airstrip to the parking area, immediately adjacent to the edge of the runway. During the shutdown procedure, a Cessna 185 landed from the opposite direction and experienced failure of the left brake on the roll-out. With only right brake action, the landing aircraft veered right toward the parking area. Realizing that a collision was imminent, the pilot of the stationary aircraft shut off the mixture control just before the right wing of the Cessna struck the Beaver's rotating propeller. The Cessna swung sharply to the right bringing it's propeller into contact with the right wing of the Beaver. Findings: cause related 1. The parking area available at the airstrip is immediately adjacent to the Runway. No injury recorded.

C-FSDE Adventure Air Corporation, Gander, NL. Regd 24-May-1994 and 05-Jul-1995. Canx ????.

C-FSDE Strait Air (2000) Ltd., L’Anse Au Clair, NL. Regd 02-Sep-2003, & 25-Sep-2003. Canx 16-Dec-2003.

C-FSDE Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd., Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador. Regd.

C-FSDE Strait Air (2000) Ltd., L’Anse Au Clair, NL. Regd 05-Oct-2004. Canx 28-Feb-2005.

C-FSDE 1450748 Ontario Ltd., Mississauga, ON. Regd 24-Jun-2005. Canx 28 Jun-2005.

C-FSDE North Wind Aviation (2001) Ltd., Goose Bay NL. Regd 28 Jun-2005 and 04-Jul-2005. Canx 24-Aug-2006.

Note: Photo evidence of aircraft in Muskoka Golf Airways livery in Aug-2006 (See Canx date but no entry on CCAR) and in May-2008.

Note: Present at Parry Sound – CNK4, summer 2015, new colours. Red and white.

C-FSDE 1450748 Ontario Ltd., Mississauga, ON • Regd 23-Jul-2016. Based CNK4.