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To navigate you have several options. If you have a limited amount of time and have a specific aircraft you wish to check, you can go to the FIND section here -

- or on the Home Page and type in the registration, c/n (construction number, s/n, or manufacturer's serial number), owner etc. If I have completed a historic page, it should come up. Then click on the link. There is also a map link, there you will see each and every page listed. Newer additions might not show until site is spidered.

If you know the c/n you can go to the Master Index. If I have it on the site, the c/n will be underlined. It might have a small picture posted on the Picture Index pages already (there are four of these), but no history page yet. Try there.
Page by page.
Just for fun, and if you have a lot of time, you can click your way through. Use the arrows. previous  next Click on arrows to navigate page by page.
Regular visitors.

If you want to see what has been added recently, just look in the grid under the date. For the previous months (is it that long since you last visited!) click on the previous month link. A page will appear, click on the c/n that you wish to view. Use back button on your browser to return to the grid. I will only keep one or two previous lists active to save space (and costs).

Scroll all the way down and see what I have got on that page. Usually I feature newer photographs that I feel warrant "Cover Page" status. If you have a digital camera or regular one, and have the opportunity to take pictures for the web site, please submit them to me, perhaps you will see the image on the website and you will join the ranks of the many aircraft enthusiasts, air traffic controllers, engineers, dock hands, etc., that have sent images in! Contact me through the comment form on the home page. It's fun to see your image on the cover page!!

Don't forget to see who is helping with this project. I hope you will have your name there soon.
Any problems, or suggestions, please e-mail me here nca "at"