ZK-AZB snug inside at her Kairanga base.
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 17 August 2011
ZK-AZB at sunny Gisborne. Display time.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 24 October 2010
Photos: Neil Aird © 24 October 2010
ZK-AZB Ready for flight at Kairanga.
Photo: Alison Griffin © 04 October 2010
VH-WOZ being prepped for export "home" to NZ.
Photos: Graeme D. Mills © 27 January 2010
Photos: Graeme D. Mills © 12 December 2009
VH-WOZ on final spreading mission in Australia.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 06 October 2009
VH-WOZ landing on a Guyra farm field.
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 06 October 2009
VH-WOZ with the accessories needed for top-dressing.
Photos: Neil Aird © 23 April 2005
VH-WOZ warming up at her private strip.
Photos: Neil Aird © 23 April 2005
VH-WOZ with yours truly in the right seat!
Screen capture from video: Lenn Bayliss:© 23 April 2005
Here's the short video I took - you can see Lenn taking his video as we roll out!! https://youtu.be/BGoufH94N2Y
VH-WOZ at Toowoomba, Queensland.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © April 1999
ZK-AZB at Opiki in regular spreading mode.
Photo: Don Noble © 17 January 1993 - www.kiwibeavers.com
ZK-AZB at Masterton equipped with spray gear.
Photo: Don Noble © 16 March 1991 - www.kiwibeavers.com
ZK-AZB just after respray prior to leaving for Motti Island.
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 1985
Photo: Unknown photograapher © Graeme D. Mills Collection
ZK-AZB doing what she does best.
Photos: via Ernie Tait ©
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1982 - Aird Archives
ZK-AZB at Napier.
Photo: Peter Lewis © 05 September 1981
ZK-AZB a lifetime of topdressing!
Photo: Eddie Coates Collection ©
ZK-AZB in new livery at Wanganui.
Photo: Ray Deerness © August 1972
ZK-AZB at Matawai.
Photo: Ernie Tait © 1970's
ZK-AZB at Masterton, ready for action.
Photo: © 1971 - via Graeme Mills
ZK-AZB operating at Wairarapa.
Photos: O. Martin © 1970 - Kiwibeavers Collection / Graeme Mills
ZK-AZB early days, at NZGS - Gisborne.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1959 - Aird Archives
ZK-AZB in classic Fieldair livery.
Photo: Unknown photographer © - Richard Goring Collection - Aird Archives





DHC Paint shop notes: Spec WO blank 5501/156 New Zealand? Same as #148

Clean - Metal prep - Prime - red on fuse all on nights - Walt. Small amount of Red Duco used on first coat. Adhesion good. Red was sprayed on fuse without waiting. Fuselage & struts - Stearman vermillion. Wings, tailplane, elevators, fin & rudder all Aluminium Cellulose. No design on fuse, no reg. Fuselage resprayed insignia Blue cellulose. 55 hrs up to prime & red fuse.

No Regn DH New Zealand, Wellington, NZ. Delivered 26-Oct-1951.

ZK-AZB Fieldair Holdings, Gisborne, NZ. Regd 19-Dec-1951.

ZK-AZB East Coast Air Services, Gisborne, NZ. Restored on register 10-Jul-1961.

Accident: Near Wairoa, Pilot J. R. McCurdy. Other details unknown.

ZK-AZB Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. 18-Dec-1970.

Accident: Near Gisborne. 30-Jan-1980. Pilot James G. Doyle. Other details unknown.

Note: Rebuilt and repainted – Late 1980s.

ZK-AZB Fieldair Holdings Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. 30-Mar-1984.

ZK-AZB Motiti Island Air Ltd., Mt. Manganui, NZ. 11-Feb-1988.

ZK-AZB Kayala Holdings, Hallett M Griffin. Griffin Ag Air, Palmerston North, NZ. Regd 20-May-1990. Based at Kairanga.

Note. This entry not reflected in NZCAA record.

Note: Operated as Ag aircraft by Griffin Ag Air. (Hallett M. Griffin). Based at Kairanga.

ZK-AZB Kairanga Air Charter Ltd.,  Palmerston North, NZ. Regd 22-May-1990. De regd 16-Jan-1998.

VH-WOZ (2) Walair Pty Ltd., Walcha, NSW. Dba Walcha Aerial Services. Regd 16-Mar-1998, Re-regd 29-Mar-2006 under CASP 47.

Note: CASP 47 was a 2005 requirement by Australian Authorities for all aircraft to show registration details of both owners and where appropriate operators

VH-WOZ (2) Lonoaks Pty., Armidale, NSW. Regd 19-Mar-2009

Note: Final “Superphosphate” top dressing mission in Australia, 06-Oct-2009, Guyra, NSW.

Reserved  for Hallett Griffin – Griffin Ag Air Ltd. Purchased 19-Mar-2009

Ferried by David Salter on 09-Dec-2009 to Bankstown, NSW., for preparation to be shipped back to NZ by sea.

ZK-AZB Griffin Ag-Air Ltd., Palmerston North, NZ. Regd 18-Sep-2010.

Note: First flight after reassembly 05-Oct-2010.