N8964 at Port Townsend, Washington.
Photo: Fred Hovestad © 26 May 2018
N8964 expecting gusty winds.
Photos: Stan © 05 September 2017
N8964 with N5347G at Lake Hood, CAP Anchorage base.
Photo: Paul B. Spychalski © June 2014
N8964 outside CAP base at Fairbanks, Alaska.
Photo: Alex Waning © 1999
N8964 inside CAP hangar getting 100 hour check.
Photo: Neil Aird © 05 September 1995
52-6144 after prop seal failed, in Spain,19 August 1964.
52-6144 six months later at Sevilla after restoration.
Photos: via M/Sgt Dennis J. Seath USAF (Ret.)  





52-6144 USAF #1306 L-20 No: 307 Command AF-3. Delivered 21-Sep-1953. Built as L-20A and re- designated U-6A in 1962.

N8964 Civil Air Patrol Inc., Maxwell AFB.,Montgomery, AL. Based Anchorage, Alaska. Regd 11-Feb-1970.

• Noted by author at Anchorage on wheels completing 100 hour check Sep-1995.

Total time: 7,444.5 hours at 05-Sep-1995.

Total time: 8,781.8 hours at 01-Oct-2015.

For Sale: Total time 8,790 hours, Engine since major overhaul 467hrs, KMA24 Audio Panel, DUAL KX155 NAV/COMS, KR87 ADF, KT76 TXP, GX55 GPS, Last Annual: July 2015, incomplete Log Books. Minimum Bid:$159,525.

N8964 Progressive Plastics Inc., Anchorage, AK Regd 27-Jan-2017.


USAF History

52-6144 was made available on 20-Jul-1953 and accepted on 28-Aug-1953 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was delivered to the Air Material Command at Davis Monthan AFB., AZ., where it was placed with the 3040th Air Storage Squadron on 21-Sep-1953. It remained in store until it moved to the San Antonio Air Depot at McLellan AFB,. TX.,  on 06-Aug-1954 and then it was recorded as moving to the San Francisco Point of Embarkation on 23-Sep-1954. It arrived with the 7485th Air Depot Wing at Erding Germany on 28-Sep-1954. The record card shows it as being at Tulln Air Base, Austria from 07-Apr-1955 with a detachment of the 7110th Support Wing nominally based at Wiesbaden to where the aircraft moved on 15-Jun-1955.

It was next assigned to the Air Material Command and moved to Madrid where it seems to have been used in support of the building of what became Torrejon Air Base. It arrived on 15-Aug-1956 until Torrejon was deemed operational on 01-Jan-1957. And so to Seville where it joined the 7602nd Support Wing, a so called “reflex” unit catering for the needs of deployed SAC bombers from mainland US. This was re designated as the 3977th Air Base Group and our Beaver remained until 31-Mar-1958. It moved on to another US ”reflex” base in Spain at Moron where it was attached to the 3973th Air Base Wing. This was also re-designated later in its life to the 3973rd Combat Support Wing on 01-Feb-1962.

Its remaining military history is yet to be researched.