C-FFRL in South Moresby Air titles.
Photos: Marvin Boyd © 24 February 2008 - Aird Archives
C-FFRL has some playful company.
Photos: Marvin Boyd ©14 April 2008 - Aird Archives
C-FFRL on the launch ramp beside "The Flying Beaver"
Photos: George Kent © 21 April 2007 - Aird Archives
C-FFRL in formation.
Photo: Paul D. Roach © Date unknown - Aird Archives
Photo: Neil Aird © 2001
C-FFRL enjoying beautiful British Columbia.
Photo: George Kent © Late 1980's early 1990's - Aird Archives
C-FFRL operating from Vancouver's Coal Harbour.
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C-FFRL at Vancouver South.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1988 - Ruben Husberg Collection
Photo: John Kimberley © September 1976 - Aird Archives
CF-FRL at Powell River.
Photo: George Kent © 1976 - Aird Archives
CF-FRL on the ramp at Vancouver.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 27 April 1974
CF-FRL at Vancouver South Seaplane Dock.
Photo: Ian Macdonald © 1970 - Aird Archives


52-6106 • N4798C • CF-FRL



52-6106 USAF #1268. L-20 No: 269. Command AF-3. Delivered 08-Apr-1953. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N4798C Kenmore Air Harbor, Kenmore, Seattle, WA. Circa Nov-1970.

CF-FRL Imported to Canada 1970.

CF-FRL Friell Lake Logging Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 03-Feb-1971. Re-regd 09-Aug-1989. Canx 09-May-1995. Note on CCAR for May-1981 as C-FFRL

CF-FRL Western Waters Air Services, North Vancouver, BC. Regd 06-Nov-1996 Canx 11-Feb-2000.

C-FFRL Friell Lake Logging Ltd., North Vancouver, BC. Regd 31-Mar-2000. Canx 11-Apr-2006.

C-FFRL South Moresby Air Charters, Queen Charlotte City, BC. Regd 19-Apr-2006.

C-FFRL Friell Lake Logging Ltd., West Vancouver, BC. Regd 24-Oct-2006. Canx 17-May-2007.

C-FFRL 0784238 British Columbia Ltd., (Friell Lake Logging), Queen Charlotte City, BC. Regd 17-May-2007. Canx 03-Apr-2008. Canx 05-Feb-2009.

C-FFRL Inland Air Charter, Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 03-Apr-2008.

Note. Seen in Port Moresby Air Charter markings in Feb 2008 and for Sale. Total time 13,300 hrs. Dec 2010 at $325,000Cdn.

C-FFRL 0784238 British Columbia Ltd., (Friell Lake Logging), Queen Charlotte City, BC. Regd 05-Feb-2009. Based Prince Rupert, BC. Canx 20-May-2009.

C-FFRL Don McNeice, Sandspit, BC. Regd 20-May-2009. Canx 02-Jun-2011.

C-FFRL 0784238 British Columbia Ltd ., (Friell Lake Logging), Delta, BC. Based Sandspit, BC. Regd 17-Jun-2011.

Accident: Near St John Harbour, Athlone Island, BC. 11-Jul-2014. CADORS report 2014P1042

Note: Associated local news report. Coast Guard crews have saved four people from the waters off B.C.’s Central Coast after their float plane sent out a mayday and crashed near Bella Bella on Friday afternoon. A Coast Guard boat from Bella Bella travelled more than 20 kilometres west to rescue the four people from a crash reported some time after 3:50 p.m. near St. John Harbour on Athlone Island. "At the moment we’re transferring them to an advanced mobile life support on scene,” said Navy spokeswoman Sub-Lt. Rudee Hastie around 6:15 p.m. from Victoria’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre. Police issued a release late Friday that said the four victims, all B.C. residents, were taken to a local hospital where two were treated for serious, but non-life threatening injuries. The other two escaped with minor injuries.

Boaters on a nearby tour reportedly saw the plane, a de Havilland Beaver, crash, according to Transportation Safety Board regional manager Bill Yearwood. The flight was returning to Sandspit in Haida Gwaii after making a day trip to Shearwater on Denny Island, said Yearwood, who couldn’t confirm whether the aircraft was owned by a person or a company.

The TSB will be contacting the pilot and witnesses as part of an assessment of the crash, he said. Bella Bella RCMP will eventually take over the case and should have more information Hastie said.


USAF History

52-6106 was made available on 25-Mar-1953 to the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit) unit of the USAF at Downsview, ON., and accepted on 02-Apr-1953. It was assigned to the Tactical Air Force on 08-Apr-1953 joining the 7th Liaison Squadron at Donaldson AFB., SC. It deployed to Lawson AFB., WA., on 22-Jun-1953 and returned to Donaldson on 19-Jul-1953. The record card shows it was then sent to Alexandria AFB., LA., for just one day, 24-Apr-1954, attached to the 366th Fighter Bomber Wing (Real or an error?) with the next attachment being to Pope AFB., NC., but again for a short period up to 01-Jan-1954. It returned to Donaldson passing to the 63rd Troop Carrier (Heavy) Group on 22-May-1954 remaining until 28-Mar-1957 but with a visit to Downsview between 08-Dec-956 & 06-Feb-1957.

Emblem of 63rd Troop Carrier Wing/Group

The aircraft was now assigned to the Alaska Air Command and it joined the 5039th Air Base Group at Elmendorf AFB.,. This unit was re designated as the 5040th from 01-Jun-1957 and the aircraft was attached to the Operations Squadron from 01-Oct-1957; the Consolidated Maintenance Group from 01-Dec-1957 and the Support Group from 31-Jun-1958 until 23-Mar-1960. The remaining USAF history is still to be researched.


Photo: RCMP © 16 July 2014