CF-BJY spring rolls around again at Lac-du-Bonnet, Manitoba.
Photo: Gerry Norberg © 01 June 2021
CF-BJY parked for this winter at Lac-du-Bonnet, Manitoba.
Photos: Kurt Ariano © 05 November 2018
CF-BJY parked for the winter at Sioux Lookout.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 22 November 2012
CF-BJY spending the winter with some companions.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 09 November 2012
CF-BJY peacefully dockside.
Photo: Chris Mak © September 2012
CF-BJY coming and going at Mattice Lake.
Photos: Ian Beatty © 2003
CF-BJY dockside.
Photo: ©  Mark Merry
CF-BJY at White River home base.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.September 1988 - Aird Archives
CF-BJY at Ottawa / Uplands - CYOW, Ontario.
Photo: Graham Wragg © 1973 - Ian Macdonald Collection
N4792C at Boeing Field, Seattle, WA.
Photo: Bob Wiseman © 1974 - Lance Higgerson Collection
51-16474 at Hirschel Island, Yukon.
Photo: G. Strathdee © c1955-56 - Bill McFarland Collection


51-16474 • N4792C



51-16474 USAF #1011. L-20 No: 12. Command AF-1. Available 21-Dec-1951. Accepted 31-Dec-1951. Delivered to Elmendorf AFB, 12-Jan-1952.

N4792C Civil Air Patrol, Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, AL. 20-Apr-1960.

CF-BJY Gander Aviation Ltd., Gander, NL. Regd Apr 1973.

CF-BJY Northern Contractors and Builders, Glovertown, NL. Regd prior to C of A renewal dated 17-Jun-1977. Canx date currently unknown. Permit valid to May-1981.

CF-BJY White River Air Services Ltd., White River, ON. Canx 12-Aug-1986.

CF-BJY White River Air Services Ltd., (612372 Ontario Ltd), White River, ON. Regd 10-Jul-1987. Canx 21-Apr-1992.

CF-BJY Wabakimi Air Ltd., Armstrong, ON. Regd 20-May-1992. Canx 08-May-2003 & Re regd. 30-Jul-2004. Canx 23-Apr-2012

CF-BJY West Caribou Air Service Inc., Thunder Bay, ON. Based Savant Lake (KK8). Regd 23-Apr-2012. Canx 02-Jul-2013.

CF-BJY Wabakimi Air Ltd., Armstrong, ON Regd 02-Jul-2013.


USAF History


Although 51-16474 was intended to be delivered to the Alaska Air Command at Ladd AFB, it was actually delivered to Elmendorf, where it spent its whole USAF life, initially with the 5039th Air Transport Squadron from 11-Jan-1952 until 16-Apr-1952. An allocation to the 5039th Air Depot Wing, for a month followed before going back to the Air Transport Wing from 17-May-1952. This allocation again lasted a month when it suffered an accident at Fire Island Airstrip, near Anchorage, Alaska on the 13-Jun-1952 receiving minor / medium damage in a landing accident. It was then returned to the Air Depot Wing until 06-Mar-1953 and again back to the Air Transport Group for a month until 13-Mar-1953.

Emblem of 5039th Air Transport Squadron

In March 1953 the Air Depot was re-designated as 5039th Air Base Wing so this is where the aircraft was allocated from 13-Mar-1953 until a re-allocation to the 5th Liaison Squadron on the 23-Apr-1953; it suffered a category 2 accident at Cape Newenham, Alaska on 30-Apr-1953 with minor / major damage during a takeoff. The pilot was Jean E. Crabtree. It appears to have had a collision with Ser No 51-16475. Following this incident it was passed to the 5025th Maintenance wing for a lengthy stay until 21-Jul-1954, however it is recorded as having a further ground collision accident 23 mi. East of Nome, Alaska on 02-Jul-1953 and being attached to the 5th Liaison Squadron. The pilot on this occasion is reported as Colan R Lanier.

It was then back to the 5039th Air Base Wing (Air Transport Squadron) for a relatively long deployment until 10-Oct-1956, during which it suffered a category 3 accident (major/serious damage) This was at Fire Island, Alaska on 03-Jan-1955. The pilot was Woodrow H. Stoker and involved a landing accident. A further accident occurred on 21-Dec-1955 at Campbell Airstrip, Alaska. This time the pilot was Thomas F. Kenney and again a landing accident was involved. These accidents were prior to going to 5039th Maintenance Squadron between 10 & 20–Oct-1956. A return to the 5039th Air Base Group until Jun 1957 when it was re-designated the 5040th Air Base Wing where it remained until being passed to the Civil Air Patrol on 20-Apr-1960.