OH-MVM preserved at Maritime Centre Wellamo" in Kotka.
Photo: Matti Paavola © 27 June 2009 - Aird Archives
OH-MVM on the ramp at Rovaniemi.
Photo: Juha Ritaranta © June 1985 - Aird Archives
OH-MVM at Lake Alajärvi, near Ivalo.
Photo: Sippo Nevalainen © 1982 - Aird Archives
OH-MVM at home base, Norvajärvi,

10 km north of Rovaniemi.

Photo: Pekka Tumme © 1978 - via Sippo Nevalainen
OH-MVM at Halli.
Photo: Eino Ritaranta © May 1970 - Fred Barnes Collection - Aird Archives
OH-MVM in slow flight.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo - The Aviation Museum of Central Finland - Robert S. Grant Collection - Aird Archives
OH-MVM during active duty.
Photos: Via Pekka Autere - Aird Archives




OH-MVM Rajavartiostojen Esikunta (Finnish Border Guard Headquarters), Helsinki. Regd 15-Sep-1955. Delivered 23-Jun-1955. Finnish Certificate of Airworthiness No. 173.

OH-MVM Lapin Rajavartioston (Lapland Border Guard) based Saarenkylä. in Roveniemi (an area in the North of the country) on Lake Novajärvi. From 18-Feb-1957.

OH-MVM Rajavartiolaitos Saaristomeren Merivartioston, Esikunta, (Finnish Border Guard Archipelago Sea, Naval Command), Turku. Canx 29-Nov-1988.

Note: Donated to Finnish Aviation Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland Nov-1988 .On display at Rajamuseo, Imatra, Finland and later at Frontier Guard Museum. Immola from 29-Nov-1988. In the summer of 1991 it was donated to Finnish Air Force – Jyväskylä Airmuseum and was on display in 2001. Aircraft exhibited on floats but not on display all the time. Later reported to be on display at Frontier Guard Museum, Immola, Finland from 29-Nov-2008 and even later at the Maritime Centre Wellamo in Kotka as part of the Coast Guard Museum.

Now on display in "Maritime Centre Wellamo" in Kotka, as a part of the Coast Guard Museum.



Photo: © Maritime Museum of Finland / Maritime Centre Vellamo

OH-MVM with Sippo Nevalainen,

as a young engineer in 1978

Photo: Pekka Tumme © 1978 - via Sippo Nevalainen