C-FGQZ at Nanaimo, British Columbia.
Photo: Rod Hall © 25 April 2017
C-FGQZ cruising with Peter Grimm at the helm.
Photo: Van City Seaplanes © 02 September 2013
C-FGQZ fleet number 201 at CAM9.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 28 June 2013
C-FGQZ being worked on at Pitt Meadows.
Photo: Dale Floyd © 02 May 2013
C-FGQZ operating with Tofino Air, at Nanaimo.
Photo: Rod Hall © 04 September 2012
C-FGQZ at Salt Spring Island.
Photos: J. N. Cameron © 24 May 2010
C-FGQZ West Coast marked "201"
Photo: Brian Greenhalgh © 07 May 2010
C-FGQZ coming and going on the Fraser.
Photos: Peter J. Cooper © 23/24 October 2008 - Aird Archives
Photos: Peter Grimm © September 2008
C-FGQZ on Vancouver South seaplane ramp.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 29 August 2008
C-FGQZ at Victoria Harbour.
Photo: Neil Aird © 13 June 2007
C-FGQZ plying her trade for West Coast Air.
Photos: Neil Aird © 26 May 2007
Photo: Neil Aird © 19 September  2004
Photo: John W. Olafson © 20 May 2004
Photo: John W. Olafson © May 2003
C-FGQZ with West Coast Air at Victoria, BC.
Photo: Trevor McTavish © September 2001
Photo: Lukas Lusser © 1999
C-FGQZ with Service Air titles.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 11 June 1998
C-FGQZ "Haida Princess" at Vancouver, BC.
Photo: © Glen Etchells
CF-GQZ taking a break.
Photo: Bob Cameron Collection © date unknown - Aird Archives
CF-GQZ at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: John Kimberley © November 1979 - Aird Archives





Certificate of Airworthiness #3463 issued 18-Apr-1951.

CF-GQZ McNamara Construction Co., Ltd., Toronto, ON. Delivered 30-Apr-1951.

Incident: Firebag River, Saskatchewan, 29-Dec-1957. Landed at the mouth of the river following an engine problem during a flight from Embarras to McMurray.

CF-GQZ McMurray Air Services Ltd., Fort McMurray, AB. Certificate of registration #11697issued 27-Feb-1953. Based Uranium City, SK.

CF-GQZ Gateway Aviation Ltd., Richmond, BC. Regd prior to C of A dated 16-Mar-1970.

CF-GQZ Nipawin Air Services, La Ronge, SK. Regd prior to C of A dated 08-Apr-1975.

CF-GQZ Nahanni Air Services Ltd., Norman Wells, NT. Regd prior to C of A dated 08-Apr-1978.

CF-GQZ La Ronge Aviation Services Ltd., La Ronge, SK. Regd prior to C of A dated 06-Jun-1979

CF-GQZ Alkan-Air Ltd., Whitehorse, YT. Ca. 1979. Canx 11-Aug-1980. Permit valid to 06-Jun-1981.

Accident: Location unknown. Summer 1980 Noted as a wreck at Pacific Aircraft Salvage where it was rebuilt.

C-FGQZ Pacific Aircraft Salvage Inc., Vancouver, BC.  Re regd 27-Jan-1983.

C-FGQZ Gateway Aviation. Regd 18-Jan-1991. Canx 13-Aug-1991.

C-FGQZ Port Sidney Aviation Corp, Sidney, BC. Regd 25-Sep-1991. Canx 30-Sep-1991.

C-FGQZ Waglisla Air Inc., Bella Bella, BC. Regd 25-Sep-1991. Canx 10-Apr-1992 Regd 27-Aug-1992 Canx 17-Nov-1995 & 21-May-1996.

C-FGQZ Port Sidney Aviation Corp., Sidney, BC. Regd 25-Jan-1996.

C-FGQZ Inland Air Charters Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 17-Nov-1995. Canx 15-Dec-1997.

C-FGQZ Service Air Group Inc., Delta, BC. Regd 15-Dec-1997 Canx 01-Jun-1999.

C-FGQZ West Coast Air, Vancouver, BC. Regd 01-Jun-1999. Canx 22-Aug-2002. Canx 11-Sep-2003. Regd 30-Aug-2006.

Note: Sep-2008. Noted with new West Coast colour scheme. White front fuselage, light green to rear and lower part of fin with white seagull and sky blue fin top. Fleet No. 201.

C-FGQZ Salt Spring Island Air Ltd., Saltspring Island, BC. Regd 08-Jun-2010. Canx 15-Nov-2010.

C-FGQZ 688932 BC Ltd., Sechelt, BC. Regd 24-May-2011. Canx 24-Jun-2011.

C-FGQZ Tofino Air Ltd., Gibsons, BC. - Based Nanaimo, BC. Regd 24-Jun-2011. Canx 22-Oct-2012

C-FGQZ Montgomery Investments Ltd., Nth Vancouver, BC. Regd 02-Jan-2013. Canx 29-Apr-2013.

C-FGQZ Van City Seaplanes Ltd., Pitt Meadows, BC. Regd 21-May-2013 & 24-Sep-2013.

C-FGQZ Silver Mountain Commercial Distributors Ltd. dba Gulf Island Seaplanes, Nanaimo, BC. Regd 04-Mar-2016. Re regd 28-Apr-2017. Based Silva Bay, BC. Canx 09-Aug-2018

C-FGQZ Inland Air Charters, Prince Rupert, BC . Regd 10-Aug-2018.

C-FGQZ Robert Turpin, Battleford, SK. Regd 20-May2021.