c/n 1041
N930TG awaiting clients in 2013.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 02 July 2013
N930TG landing Tongass Narrows.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 06 August 2012
N930TG captured by Chip near Ketchikan.
Photo: Chip Porter © 2006
N930TG now operating in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Photo: Thor Johnson © 13 June 2006
N930TG for sale at Lake Hood.
Photo: Neil Aird © 06 September 2004
N930TG getting reworked in Anchorage.
Photo: Mark Merry © October 2003
N930TG at her new Alaska home.
Photo: © Keith J. Bollands
C-FJXP peacefully parked dockside, at Cranson Lake, QC.
Photo: © Neil Aird
CF-JXP on her beaching gear at Cranson Lake.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © July 1980 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-JXP at Ottawa - Uplands.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 28 April 1978 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
Photo: Bill Sawchuk © 11 March 1978
CF-JXP at Cranson Lake, ready change over to floats.
Photo: Don Fynn © 1973
CF-JXP at Inuvik.
Photo: Chris Payne © 1971

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CF-JXP K. J. Springer, Toronto, ON. Delivered 24-May-1957.

CF-JXP Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Circa. Jun-1960

CF-JXP Northward Aviation Ltd., Edmonton, AB. Circa 1967-until canx prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 10-Apl-1972.

CF-JXP Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aerien Ltee., Senneterre, QC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 10-Apl-1972. Canx prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 08-May-1975.

CF-JXP Cranson Lake Airways, Chapeau, QC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 08-May-1973. Canx 02-Jun-1982.

CF-JXP Sale reported as at May-1980.

C-FJXP Bradley Air Services Ltd., Carp, ON. Canx 25-May-1983.

C-FJXP Cranson Lake Airways Ltd., Chapleau, QC. Canx 26-May-1988.

C-FJXP Hauleminn Air Service Inc., Kipawa, ON. Regd 10-Apr-1990. Canx 17-Jul-1991.

C-FJXP Southern Interior Flight Centre Ltd., Kelowna, BC. Regd 05-Jun-1991. Deleted 18-Jul-1991.

N930TG Ted Gerken Trustee, Anchorage, AK. Regd 19-Jun-1991 & 06-Jun-1995. Canx 17-Feb-2004.

Airworthiness date: 18-Aug-1991.

Service Difficulty Report 02-Dec-1991. Found de Havilland fuel tank, centre, leak-top beads, and leak at bottom. Installed patch over nrs 1 and 2 and welded. nr 3 welded. Tested okay.

N930TG Reported as owned and operated by Iliaska Lodge, Iliamna, AK. See accident report.

Accident: Iliamna, AK. 25-Aug-1999. The certificated commercial pilot was attempting to takeoff from a lake with 2 feet tall, rolling swells. The pilot said that during the takeoff run, before a safe flying airspeed was attained, the airplane floats struck a large wave, and the airplane lifted off the water prematurely. He said that before he could react, the left wing stalled, and the airplane collided with the water. During the collision, the floats were torn off the airplane, and the airplane sank. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage, empennage, and wings. The closest official weather observation station is Iliamna. On August 25, 1999, at 0553, an Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR) was reporting in part: Wind, 259 degrees (magnetic) at 7 knots; visibility, 10 statute miles; clouds, 7,500 feet broken; temperature, 51 degrees F; dew point, 46 degrees F; altimeter, 29.52 in Hg . Official civil twilight for Iliamna was at 0610. Pilot uninjured. NTSB report ANC99LA124.

Total Hours: At Aug 1999 – 15,661 hrs.

Accident: Iliamna, AK. 25-Jun-2003. The solo commercial certificated pilot was departing from a remote lake in the float-equipped airplane. The pilot reported that this was the first time he had been assigned to fly the accident airplane, and that the airplane's main fuel valve was different than that of any other DHC-2 he had previously flown. Prior to takeoff, he placed the fuel selector valve in the "up" position, believing he had selected the centre fuel tank. Just after takeoff, as the airplane climbed to about 30 feet above the water, the engine lost all power, and the airplane descended and struck a gravel-covered road at the departure end of the lake. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage. The pilot, who was uninjured, noted that a post accident inspection of the airplane revealed that when he placed the fuel valve in the "up" position, he inadvertently selected the "off" position. The pilot added that the operator did not inform him of the differences associated with the accident airplane's fuel valve. NTSB report ANC03CA088.

N930TG Mary E Gerken Trustee, Anchorage, AK. Regd 29-Mar-2005. Canx 09-Jan-2006.

N930TG RDM Pilot Guide Ltd., Ketchikan, AK. Regd 10-Jan-2006.

Service Difficulty Report 11-May-2007: No 4 cylinder failure and separation from engine case. Rough engine landing at Taquan Air.

Accident: Iliamna, AK. 18-Jun-2017: Latitude, Longitude: 55.531944, -130.591111 (est). The aircraft sank at Big Goat Lake near Ketchikan, 13:30 AKD - All seven swam to shore. Aircraft currently at bottom of lake. Salvaged - see below.

NTSB: Preliminary report: ANC17LA032: LINK