N114GH with some different paint.
Photos: Ben Cogger © 02 April 2024 - Aird Archives
N114GH wrapped up for Christmas.
Photo: Ben Cogger © 23 December 2014 - Aird Archives
N114GH caught wearing wheels.
Photo: Nigel Hitchman © 22 May 2005 - Aird Archives
Photo: Fred Wallis © 20 May 2005 - Aird Archives
N114GH at Lake Hood.
Photos: Neil Aird © 06 September 2004
N114GH at Anchorage wrapped up for the winter.
Photo: Derek Linder © October 2001 - Aird Archives
Photo: Keith Bollands © 2000 - Aird Archives
N114GA probably a mis-paint?
Photo: Unknown photographer  © - via Lenn Bayliss Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Neil Aird © 06 September 1995
N505LM minus a few bits.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1990 - Aird Archives
51-16834 spending time as "HS167" at MASDC.
Photo: eLaReF © 23 September 1974 - Aird Archives
51-16834 while still on active duty.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 05 February 1972 - Lenn Bayliss Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Leo J. Kohn © Date unknown - Ian Macdonald Collection - Aird Archives

c/n 380

51-16834 • N9303Z • (N777FA) • N9303Z • N505LM • N114GH • (N114GA ? )



51-16834 US Army #1185. L-20 No: 186. Command A-2. Delivered 16-Oct-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16834 Stored at MASDC, Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, 22-May-1972 to 12-Feb-1976. PCN (Product Control Number) HS167.

N9303Z Glenn A. Cate Aircraft, Knoxville, TN. Dates unknown.

Note: Purchased by Cate at Davis Monthan auction sale 29-Jan-1976 for US$23,000. Total time 8,053.3hrs. Engine time unknown. Sold as “no reasonable potential on for normal certification”. Commented upon as having door handle missing, rear data plate, no tip tanks and in poor condition.

N9303Z Ron Warbelow, Tok, AK. Regd Mar-1979.

(N777FA) ntu. Feb-1980.

Accident: Slate Creek, AK. 03-Jul-1981. Aircraft water looped on landing and swerved into poles/wires in unfavourable wind conditions. Aircraft substantially damaged. Two crew uninjured. ANC81DAA17

N505LM Robert L. Magnusson, McGrath, AK. Regd. Apr-1986. On USCAR at02-Mar-1990.

Note: Registration also seen quoted with O. Kay Barnum.

N114GH O. Kay Barnum, Anchorage, AK. Regd 27-Jun-1990 Canx 17-Aug -1990.

N114GA O. Kay Barnum, Anchorage, AK. On USCAR at 29-Feb-1992 & 01-Oct-1994. (Possibly a mis-paint!)

Accident: Anchorage, Alaska.. 19-May-1998. Aircraft crashed on takeoff. Other circumstances unknown. Not on NTSB Records.

N114GH Phyllis H. Hankal Trustee, Anchorage, AK. Regd 11-Jun-1998.

Airworthiness Date: 09-Sep-1998. Total time 10,940 hours (Jul-2021) For Sale.

N114GH Sea Air Ventures LLC., Anchorage, AK. Regd 30-Jan-2024.



Photo: Via FB advert (2021)