N620N an Oshkosh visit - AirVenture 2019.
Photo: Jan Mangelschotz © 23 July 2019
N620N at Alyeska Lodge.
Photo: Karl Neiders © 31 May 2017
N620N visits Cordova.
Photo: Karl Neiders © 30 May 2017
N620N visits Homer, Alaska.
Photo: Karl Neiders © 30 May 2017
N620N stops at Ketchikan, Alaska.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 26 May 2017
N620N at KRTN - Renton, Washington.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © 11 August 2015
The future N620N showing part of extensive work at Ace Aviation.
Photos: via Karl Neiders © 21 July 2015
C-GWFP has been sold.
Photos: Viking Air © 2013
C-GWFP en route.
Photo: Pete Killin © 03 April 2008
C-GWFP over Johnson Straits, British Columbia.
Photos: Pete Killin © 07 August 2007
C-GWFP through for another day.
Photos: John Caswell © 23 October 2006
C-GWFP in brand new paint scheme.
Photos: Tom Langdon © 14 - 16 February 2006
C-GWFP during repaint process at Sealand.
Photos: John Caswell © 10 February 2006
C-GWFP on dry land at Campbell River airport.
Photo: Marcel Fluet © 22 June 2005
C-GWFP on dry land at Campbell River at the spit.
Photo: John Caswell © April 2004
C-GWFP at Nanaimo, BC.
Photos: Bill Hann © 28 September 2003
C-GWFP at her Campbell River home dock.
Photos: Neil Aird © 16 October 2002
C-GWFP on take off run at Vancouver.
Photo: Bill Hann © Summer 1999
Photo: © Stan Smith  
AP-AJP "SHAHNAZ" at Karachi, Pakistan.
Photo: Peter Keating © April 1958 - Aird Archives - via aflyinghistory.com


AP-AJP • S2-ABT • N8034T • C-FZCQ • C-GWFP • N620N • (C-FLUJ)



AP AJP Government of Pakistan. The Collector Central Excise & Land Customs, Karachi. Delivered 01-Feb-1957. De-registered 24-Apr-1974. "Shahnaz"

S2-ABT Government of Bangladesh, Department of Agricultural Extension/Department of Plant Protection, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

N8034T Northern Air Traders Ltd., Anchorage, AK. Regd. 01-Jan-1995. On USCAR at Dec-1995 Canx 12-Apr-2004 but still showed as active at 29-Jun-2013.

N8034T Reported as AK Bush Carriers but no record currently found. Regn revoked as per FAA records. No Dates available.

C-FZCQ Imported into Canada. Regd 1996.

C-FZCQ T. C. Leasing Ltd., La Ronge, SK. Regd 17-Dec-1996. Canx 27-May-1997.

C-GWFP Viking Air Services, Sidney, BC. Regd 21-Apr-1998. Canx 27-Aug-1998.

Note: Converted to Turbo Beaver Mk .III by Viking in 1998. Fitted with Wipline 6100 Amphib. Floats, Viking 6000lb gross weight increase kit. Sealand cabin extension and Alaskan door, Lake and Air gear advisory system, four point harness for two crew, dual landing lights with pulse, Viking storage tube, Viking modernised instrument panel.

C-GWFP Western Forest Products Ltd., Campbell River, BC. Regd 10-Mar-1999 and 31-Jan-2003. Canx 24-Mar-2004. Regd 24-Mar-2004. Canx 29-Jul-2004. Regd 29-Jul-2004. Canx 03-Jul-2014 on export to USA.

Note: Repaint in Feb-2006.

Note: For sale Apr-2013. $950,000USD. Total time 9,607.7 hours.

N620N RAK TBVR LLC., Middletown, DE. Regd 23-Jul-2014. Canx 19-Jun-2015.

C-FLUJ William J. Alder, Merville, BC • Regd 06-Aug-2015. Canx 13-Aug-2015.

N620N RAK TBVR LLC., Middletown, DE. Re-regd 19-Aug-2015.

Airworthiness date: 24-Aug-2015. Normal.

On rebuild