N2106K awaiting a prop.
Photo: Jim Joyce © 21 October 2014
N2106K the Brooks' Beaver
Photos: Dennis Newell © 05 May 2004
Photo: Dennis Newell © November 2001
Photo: Neil Aird © May 2001
SE-INX of Heli AB., at Tromso - ENTC, Norway.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.1987 - Dennis Newell Collection
SE-INX in Fjäll-Flyg livery.
Photo: Freddy Stenborms © May 1985 - via Flyghistoria.org
SE-INX a new Swede at Hamar, Norway.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.1984 - Dennis Newell Collection
LN-KCQ at Stavanger, Norway.
Photo: Ole Johan Berg © 1982 - Ruben Husberg Collection
LN-KCQ when with Norving.
Photo: Photographer unknown © - Aird Archives
56-0396 with 4th Armoured Division - Air Section, Goppingen AAF.
Photo: Robin A. Walker © 23 June 1970
Photos: Dennis Newell © 1965
Photo: Dennis Newell © 1965
Earlier U. S. Army serial presentation.
Photo: Dennis Newell © 1964


56-0396 • N93440 • LN-KCQ • SE-INX



56-0396 US Army # 1711. L-20 No. 712. Command A-11. Delivered 02-Aug-1957. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

56-0396 Served with 4th Armoured Division, Sembach AFB., Germany, 1964.

56-0396 HQ Battalion 94th Air Defence Artillery, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

56-0396 For sale at Coleman Barracks, Mannheim-Sandhofen, Germany. Seen 28-Aug-1972.

N93440 Details unknown. Possibly Joseph V. Maslin in Germany.

LN-KCQ A/S Norving. Kirkenes, Norway. Regd 22-May-1974,

LN-KCQ Bergen Air Transport AS., Sola, Norway. Regd 03-Mar-1980 Operated by Transit Air, Intercity SkyTaxi. Canx 19-Mar-1984.

Accident: Mooring accident. Unknown date in 1981.

LN-KCQ Transit Air AS, Sola, Norway. Regd 18-Feb-1982.

LN-KCQ Lyslid Flyservice, Hamar, Norway. Regd 15-Feb-1984. Removed from register 19-Mar-1984.

SE-INX Fjäll-Flyg I Kiruna AB., Kiruna, Sweden. Regd 03-May-1984.

SE-INX Heli AB, Linköping, Sweden. Canx 08-Aug-1989 on export to USA.

N2106K William R. Brooks, Hayden Lake, Coeur d’Alene, ID. Regd 16-Jul-1990

Airworthiness date: 14-Jun-1990. Category – Normal.

N2106K Brooks Seaplane Service Inc., Hayden Lake, Coeur d’Alene, ID. Regd 29-Sep-1993 & 22-May-2012.

Note: Wipaire conversion, pre 1993.

Accident: Mid air with Cessna TU206G 05-Jul-2020 8K. Lying In 127' water. Uppdate: Wreckage recovered. Tragic event.