C-FIAX on Tyee Spit, wearing latest livery.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 10 April 2017
C-FIAX at Queen Charlotte City.
Photo: Liam Aloni © 28 July 2011
C-FIAX leaving Sechelt, British Columbia.
Photos: Marcel Fluet - Lecerf © 30 June 2005 - Aird Archives
C-FIAX at Two Bert Lake, British Columbia.
Photo: Simon Lawrence © 03 September 2003
C-FIAX at Jackson Lake, British Columbia.
Photo: Simon Lawrence © September 2002
C-FIAX of Inland Air Charters.
Photo: Marco Kosterman © October 1999 - Aird Archives
VH-AAD high and dry at Bankstown.
Photo: Mike Madden © May (year unknown) - Aird Archives
VH-AAD before going on floats.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Lance Higgerson Collection
VH-AAD floating at Cairns with Company Beaver VH-IMR (1492).
Photo: Geoff Goodall © January 1995
Photo: Chris Knott © April 1994 - Aird Archives
Photo: S.P. © November 1993 - Aird Archives
VH-AAD awaiting final touches, at Bankstown, NSW.
Photo: Alan Flett © June 1989 - Aird Archives
VH-AAD grassed in at Berwick.
Photo: Ken Tilley © 22 December 1985
VH-AAD at Bankstown - YSBK, N.S.W.
Photo: John Land © c 1985
VH-AAD at Bankstown - YSBK, N.S.W.
Photo: Geoff Goodall © May 1975 - Eddie Coates Collection
VH-AAD in colour this time.
Photo: John Land © c 1975
Photo: John Hopton © 18 April 1975
VH-AAD at Bankstown - YSBK. New England titles.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1969 - David Carter Collection - AustAirData
VH-AAD at Armidale, N.S.W.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 28 October 1968

Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia Archives (P022663)

VH-AAD looking very clean.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.1968 - Aird Archives
VH-AAD at Guyra, N.S.W.
Photo: Geoff Goodall © July 1967 - Eddie Coates Collection
VH-AAD at Bankstown, N.S.W.
P1236-0004 : De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver -  ain 140 - VH-AAD - 15 Oct 65 at Bankstown, N.S.W. - operated Aerial Agriculture Pty., Ltd. ( © Mike Croker via H.C.)
VH-AAL at Robby's Parafield base, SA.
Photo: Geoff Goodall © November 1963
VH-SMC on stores paradrop mission.
Photo: Ben Dannecker © 1961 - via Ian Mcdonell
VH-SMC with Snowy Mountain Authority crest.
Photo: Ben Dannecker © 1961 - via Ian Mcdonell
VR-RBT of Federation Air Service.
Photo: Peter Keating © 1950's - Ken Tilley Collection





VR-RBT Government of Malaysia. Delivered 27-Jul-1951.

VR-RBT Federation Air Service, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Circa. Mar-1952.

VR-RBT Malayan Airways, Kallang. Took over Federation on 01-Mar-1958.

9M-ALT Malayan Airways, Kallang. Re-regd Feb-1959.

VH-SMC Snowy Mountain Hydro Electric Authority, Cooma, NSW. Regd 31-Dec-1959. Withdrawn from service 27-Aug-1963.

VH-AAL Aerial Agriculture Pty., Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. Regd 27-Aug-1963.

Accident: Big Hill, Northern Territories. 20-May-1964. Details unknown.

VH-AAL Registration Cancelled. 16-Jun-1964.

VH-AAD (2) Aerial Agriculture Pty., Bankstown, NSW. Regd 11-Oct-1966. (Also quoted10-Nov) Withdrawn from service 05-Feb-1975.

VH-AAD (2) Aerial Agriculture Pty., Bankstown, NSW. Regd 04-Jan-1979.Canx 04-Jan-1982.

VH-AAD (2) Altair Aviation Pty., Menzies Creek, Victoria. Regd 09-Sep-1985.

VH-AAD (2) Walcha Aerial Services, Walcha, NSW, Regd 02-Jul-1988. (although operated by Aqua-Flite, Cairns).

VH-AAD (2) Returned to Walcha Aerial Services, Walcha, NSW. Dates unknown.

VH-AAD (2) Airag Services Pty., Ltd., Bankstown, NSW. Regd 01-May-1991.

VH-AAD (2) Australian Barrier Reef Airlines Pty., Ltd., Cairns, QL. Regd 21-Oct -1992. Canx 16-Jan-1998.

C-FIAX Inland Air Charters Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 16-Jan-1998 & 10-Mar-1998. Leased to Tsayta Air, Fort St. James, BC. Circa 2002-03. Canx 13-Sep-2013.

Note: Photo in Tsayta Air marks Sep-2002.

C-FIAX Tsayta Aviation Ltd., Fort St James, BC. Regd 16-Oct-2013.

• Canx 06-Nov-2014.

C-FIAX Ocean Pacific Air Services Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC • Regd 18-Jan-2016.