VH-IDO at Green Island.
Photo: Alex Penrose © 22 November 2011
VH-IDO back in action in Australia.
Photo: Alex Penrose © 31 October 2011
VH-IDO has been completed.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 29 October 2010
VH-IDO is progressing well.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 17 August 2010
A couple of snaps from the Sealand Blog.
Photos: Bob Kobzey © 12 and 13 January 2010
VH-IDO arrives at Campbell River for rebuild by Sealand.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 07 January 2010
One, two, three . . .
Photos: John Caswell © 07 January 2010
Photo: Dirk Septer © 07 January 2010
Photo: John Caswell © 07 January 2010
Photo: Dirk Septer © 07 January 2010
My thanks to Dirk and John for covering the arrival. Sealand Aviation will post progress of rebuild on the Sealand Website Blog.
VH-IDO at Caboulture, Queensland.
Photos: Jim Smith © 02 March 2008
Photo: Unknown photographer © 28 February 2008 - AHM-WA Archives
VH-IDO at Mason Field, Southport, Queensland.
Photos: Lenn Bayliss © 29 December 2006
VH-IDO now on Goldcoast, at Surfers Paradise.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 15 April 2006
VH-IDO a real pearl.
Photo: Simon Wilson © August 2003
Photo: Unknown Photographer © Web Image via Tom Singfield
VH-IDO shares the ramp with VH-IMU
Photo: Mark Butcher © 2003
VH-IDO Derby Day.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 26 August 2003 - John Rodger Collection - Aird Archives
VH-IDO on the ramp at Broome, WA.
Photos: Simon Wilson © 04 August 2003 (top) 19 July 2003 (bottom)
VH-IDO  on wheels at Jandakot, WA.
Photo: Bob Coppinger © 17 January  2002
VH-IDO at Jandakot.
Photo: Unknown photographer © March 2001 - via Tony Clarke - Aird Archives
VH-IDO at Jandakot Airport, Perth, Western Australia.
Photo: Neville Murphy © 29 November 2000
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © November 2000
VH-IDO at Broome - YBRM, Western Australia.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 25 June 1996 - Aird Archives
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 1990
VH-IDO at Inverell many years ago.
Photo: Peter Keating © 1987 - Aird Archives
Above two photos: © Lenn Bayliss
VH-IDO tied down at Bankstown.
Photos: Alan Flett © 05 April 1975 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © mid 1970's - via Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
VH-IDO when she was brand new.
Photo: Greg Banfield © c.1964 - Eddie Coates Collection




Hawker de Havilland Australia. Delivered 07-Apr-1964.

VH-IDO Aerial Agriculture, Bankstown, NSW, Australia. Regd 11-Aug-1964. Canx 19-Feb-1975.

VH-IDO Re-activated by Hawker-De Havilland Australia. Restored 23-Mar-1977.

VH-IDO J Hutson, Crookwell, NSW, Australia. Canx 13-Dec-1982 as w.f.u.

VH-IDO Regd 30-Aug-1984. Operator unknown.

VH-IDO Arrow Pearl, Feb-1992.

VH-IDO J Hutson/Arrow Pearl Co. Pty.,, Ltd., Broome, WA. Regd 05-Jan-1992.

VH-IDO Airwaves Gold Coast Pty., Ltd., Main Beach, QLD. Regd 25-May-2006. T/a Gold Coast Seaplanes.

Accident: Horizontal Falls, Kimberley Range, Western Australia, 09-Aug-2009. Aircraft landed on water with amphib, undercarriage extended. Five passengers received minor injuries. ATSB are not investigating further. Aircraft sent in container to Campbell River, BC, Completely rebuilt during 2010 by Sealand Aviation Ltd. Feb-2011 still held back in Campbell River. Returned to Brisbane, Australia 08-May-2011.

• Newspaper article of event here

VH-IDO Cairns Seaplanes. Cairns, QLD, Nov-2011.

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