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N21058 in splendid action!
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N21058 at Belle Chasse, Louisiana.
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SE-GXX with Tammert Aero in Sweden.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1980's - Aird Archives
CF-HOE at Ottawa / Uplands - CYOW, Ontario.
Photo: Neil Aird © 19 October 1979
CF-HOE with companions, on the Ottawa River at Rockcliffe.
Photo: Bill Sawchuk © 04 June 1978
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © June 1978 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-HOE at Saulte Ste Marie with magnatometer bomb.
Photos: Ben Byl © 1968 - via Brian Byl
CF-HOE ready for survey flights.
Photo: Larry Milberry © Circa 1968 - Aird Archives
CF-HOE at Toronto - CYYZ, Ontario.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © June 1968 - Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-HOE at Saulte Ste Marie .
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 11 June 1967 - Michael J. Ody Collection





Entries preceded by date are extracts of Department of transport files held at Archive Canada.

13-Jul-1954 Allotment of CF-HOE to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd for DHC-2 #630.

10-Aug-1954 Application for Registration by Gayport Shipping Ltd., Toronto, ON.

27-Aug-1954 Test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

27-Aug-1954 Certificate of Airworthiness # 4452 issued (paper document issued 30-Aug-1954).

30-Aug-1954 Certificate of Registration #13136 issued to Gayport Shipping Ltd.

30-Aug-1954 Entered on the Register of Canada (paper document issued the same day).

30-Aug-1954 de Havilland’ advise Department of Transport that owner of DHC-2 #630 CF-HOE is Gayport Shipping.

CF-HOE Gayport Shipping Ltd., Toronto, ON. Delivered 31-Aug-1954.

(During 1955-56 it was flown in Quebec by E. B. ‘Bill’ McEachern).

(Leases were not recorded in this period but in February 1956 a report on an engine failure produced the information that it was leased by Boreal Airways, chartered to Mont Laurier Aviation and flying for Bell Telephone in support of the Mid-Canada Line!).

CF-FOE Leased by Boreal Airways, chartered to Mont Laurier Aviation circa 1956.

02-Apr-1957 Bill of Sale; Gayport Shipping Ltd to Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON.

02-Apr-1957 Temporary Authority to operate issued to Laurentian Air Services Ltd.

02-Apr-1957 Application for Registration by Laurentian Air Services Ltd.

16-Apr-1957 Certificate of Registration issued to Laurentian Air Services Ltd.

CF-HOE Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Uplands / Ottawa, ON. Apr-1957.

Total time since new recorded in Department of Transport records held at Archive Canada.

23-Aug-1955   430 hours

18-May-1956   859 hours

06-May-1957   1,236 hours

17-Apr-1958   1,597 hours

28-Apr-1959   1,914 hours

12-Jan-1960   2,311 hours

17-May-1961   2,662 hours

29-May-1962   3,419 hours

31-May-1963   4,027 hours

11-May-1964   4,366 hours

07-May-1965   4,692 hours

04-Apr-1966   5,218 hours

03-Mar-1967   5,626 hours

01-Feb-1968   6,190 hours

21-Nov-1968   6,738 hours

17-Nov-1969   7,526 hours

11-May-1970   7,532 hours

28-Oct-1970   8,092 hours

10-Oct-1971   8,629 hours

12-Jun-1972   8,756 hours

04-Oct-1972   9,109 hours

14-Nov-1973   9,641 hours

23-Oct-1974   10,306 hours

15-Oct-1975   10,934 hours

04-May-1976   11,093 hours

04-Nov-1976   11,589 hours

02-Oct-1977   12,018 hours

19-Oct-1979   12,407 hours

28-Mar-1980   12,407 hours

May-1974 Edo 58-4580s replaced by Edo 679-4930s.

31-Mar-1980 Bill of Sale; Laurentian Air Services Ltd., to Tammert Aero, Bromma, Sweden (also shown as Edruna, Sweden).

(Repainted by Aviation Maintenance Ltd., Sault Ste Marie, ON., and marks SE-GXX applied. Flown to Buttonville for Certificate of Airworthiness examination and then to Ottawa for crating and shipping).

03-Apr-1980 Cancelled CCAR.

C-FHOE Canx 03-Apr-1980 on export to Sweden.

SE-GXX Tammert Aero AB., Kiruna, Sweden. Regd Apr-1980.

18-Apr-1980 Canadian validation for Swedish Flight Permit for ferry Sault Ste Marie-Buttonville-Ottawa

05-May-1980 Inspected by Department of Transport inspector at Buttonville (as SE-GXX).

SE-GXX Poss. other unknown owner. Regd 09-Jul-1980.

SE-GXX Expert Haninge AB., Haninge, Linköpping, Sweden .Regd 16-Nov-1987. Canx 08-Aug-1989 on export to USA.

N21058 Southern Seaplanes Inc., Belle Chasse, LA. Regd. 29-Dec-1989. Expiry date 29-Feb-2016.

Southern Seaplane Website

Airworthiness Date: 03-Jun-1992. Classification – Standard.

N21058 Lake Havasu Seaplanes LLC., Lake Havasu City, AZ. Regd 20-Jul-2021.

Noted For Sale tt 20,205 hours, Dec-2023.